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5 big entertainment releases for April 2023

We are now deep into the month of April, and the entertainment industry continues to deliver on lofty promises, including an Italian plumber breaking box office records. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp A title originally slated for release December 2021, this remake of the classic Game Boy Advance titles from the early 2000s will release […]

All 24 of the dental hygiene program seniors conquered the certification exams

Every senior in the dental hygiene program at Utah Tech University passed their rigorous examination process this semester, adding to an already high success rate for the major. To become certified as a dental hygienist, the seniors of the dental hygiene major had to endure six different exams of both written and practical variety. This […]

What students need to know about summer employment at Utah Tech

The end of the semester approaches, and with it comes new opportunities for students to fatten their bank accounts while they continue living at Utah Tech University. Summer is often seen as the off-season for students. Many of them return home to find work or rest until the fall comes, but if a student wishes […]

OPINION | Bad movies can be so bad that they’re good

As a film’s reception evolves after its release, it often goes down in history as a hallmark of the genre or something to be avoided. However, there is a rare third outcome which blurs the line between quality and disappointment: a film so bad it’s entertaining. Bad movies are an art form to me. A […]

Profile: Brooke Gelinas, the freshman limit-breaker

Breaking one’s limits is something many athletes yearn to accomplish throughout their respective careers, but it’s even more glorious when the athlete is just entering their prime like Brooke Gelinas of the women’s golf team at Utah Tech University. Brooke Gelinas is a freshman dental hygiene major from Bonney Lake, Washington. She was recently named […]

5 entertainment releases for March 2023

From Keanu Reeves kicking butt and taking names to legendary video games becoming even more legendary, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pull one’s eyes away from the screen. Here are five big entertainment releases for March 2023. “The Mandalorian” Season 3 The adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu continue as they search for redemption for […]

Healthy Trailblazer Coalition’s efforts to help students at Utah Tech

When a student leaves home to pursue education, it often takes a toll on their mental health. This is not something unique to Utah Tech University; it’s just a part of campus life. This is why the Healthy Trailblazers Coalition was established. The coalition was created in spring of 2021 in order to help the […]