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5 big entertainment releases for January 2023

January: The month where entertainment goes to die. There are a several reasons for this, but to the surprise of many, including myself, January 2023 is turning into a solid start for the new year. Here are five pieces of entertainment you should keep your eye on for the rest of January 2023. “M3GAN” What […]

OPINION | Speculation is doing more harm than good

When something as life changing as the University of Idaho murders occurs, it can inspire the desire to catch the one responsible. Not for justice, but for the fame that comes with it. Despite a suspect being apprehended for the Idaho murders and the growing mountain of evidence accompanying him, a group of so-called social […]

Jadon Webster: From community beginnings to world-class actor

Sometimes, all it takes is a spark to lead to greatness. Such a spark is what allowed Jadon Webster to pursue something new and become the leading man for an international tour of “West Side Story.” Webster’s family members were primarily focused on athletics when it came to hobbies, and Webster was no exception. At […]

Graduation checklist: 5 steps to prepare for life after college

Collegiate seniors are approaching their long-awaited graduation day, but there are still a few things students need to prepare for before the end of the college life. Apply for graduation If you haven’t applied for graduation this semester, you may want to apply now rather than later. If you want to graduate with a bachelor’s […]

OPINION | She-Hulk is proof that the MCU is in an awkward place

I remember when I was excited about the surplus of Disney+ shows coming from Marvel, but now I can’t help but dread what comes next out of concern for my sanity. “Avengers: Endgame” was such an incredible end to a saga over a decade in the making. At least, that’s what it should have been. […]