Utah Tech’s Insight Communication receives new workroom

Grayce Payne a senior media studies major, from Hartland, Michigan is the student director of Insight Communication. She leads a class discussion for client work. Lindsey Cozad | Sun News Daily

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Utah Tech University is continuing to expand by adding a new workspace for one of its student-run programs.

Insight Communication is a student-run public relations, marketing and advertising firm at Utah Tech. They are currently operating out of a single classroom in the Jennings Communications Building but are getting a new workspace in the Jennings to meet the firm’s growing needs.

“As the number of students who enroll in Insight continues to grow, we need a separate space, outside of the classroom, for students to conduct client meetings, plan events with other Insight students, film social media content, or conduct focus groups,” said Grayce Payne, co-director of Insight and public relations intern.

Payne added they currently don’t have a specific workspace, so this new office will enable them to have a quiet and professional space to carry out more professional tasks. 

They will be visiting the new Insight room next week to talk with Patrick Smith, digital film program director, about the progress of the room and the vision they have for the look and layout of the workspace.

Insight offers many student scholarship and tuition reimbursement positions. One of their goals is to mix the artistic world of design with the psychology of innovative thinking. 

“The beauty of Insight is that every day and week is different depending on our client’s needs,” said Kaylee Cluff, a senior media studies major from Mesa, Arizona. “Everyone in the class gets the opportunity to explore different aspects of PR and grow and learn new skills to prepare them for their future careers.” 

Kaylee added that it’ll be nice to have a dedicated space that will not only be able to hold the current number of students in Insight but also fit more as the agency expands. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8.1% growth in public relations employment by 2031 with an estimated 22,300 jobs opening up. 

Public relations jobs include:

  • Marketing Coordinator 
  • Media Planner
  • Sales Representative  
  • Employee Relations
  • Strategic Planner
  • Fundraiser

Another one of Insight’s goals is to provide graduates with the ability to demonstrate proven results to potential employers.

“Our program is very forward facing to various organizations and companies in the local community and having a new workspace is crucial to the professionalism of our class,” Cluff said. “Additionally, we want students to hear about Insight, view the course’s dedicated space, and realize the opportunities Insight can offer them through hands-on experience.”  

The firm is currently working out of room 191 in the Jennings for the semester with clients either having to come into the classroom or having to meet clients at their own office. 

Aside from a new workspace, Insight has many things planned for the future.

“We are very excited to continue working with the City of Santa Clara this semester to create and implement a ‘Shop Local’ campaign within the city to encourage more people to shop locally in Santa Clara,” Payne said.

As for the future of Insight Communication after this semester, the firm hopes to continue welcoming more students into the agency to help them gain hands-on experience in public relations.

Additionally, Cluff said she would love to see the agency’s clientele continue to grow and for Insight to continue working with organizations that benefit the local community. 

Insight will continue to work with local organizations and work to prepare students for a career in the world of public relations. 

For more information on Insight Communication, you can visit the Utah Tech website or reach out to a member of staff.