Dixie’s Got Talent 2023: And the winner is…

Kirvin Glassco, adult winner of Dixie’s Got Talent, performs the winning number. Lindsey Cozad | Sun News Daily

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Dixie’s Got Talent announces its winners and runners-up for the 13th consecutive year. 

The adult winner is Kivrin Glassco, a freshman general studies major from Woods Cross. The adult runner-up is Locklin Hammett, a sophomore communication studies major from St. George.

The youth winner is Bryce Christiansen from St. George, and the youth runner-up is 2 One Productionz Convention Team located in St. George. 

Winners received a check for $500, and runners-up received a check for $250. Winners were selected based off 60% judges score and 40% donation votes, which came from the audience members voting for their favorite act.

Dixie’s Got Talent raised nearly $27,000 for student scholarships this year. These funds go to individuals who have a need for scholarships. 

Adult Winners

Glassco, the adult winner, gave a vocal performance. She said competing was a last-minute decision. Glassco’s father encouraged her to compete despite how she dislikes performing in front of an audience.

Glassco said the process of preparing for the competition was nerve racking. She said she gets stage fright easily and only practiced for the competition the day of the finale. 

“Winning was honestly a confidence boost,” Glassco said. “Seeing that when I put myself out there, it has a reward.”

Hammett, the adult runner-up, played the electric guitar. He said he decided to compete to have the experience and enjoy the competition. He also wanted to promote his name. 

He chose to compete with a song he had been practicing for about a month. A couple of weeks before the competition Hammett started intently practicing. 

“It’s great,” Hammett said about winning runner-up, “I get the big check, so I’m grateful.”

Youth Winners

Christiansen, the youth winner, played the piano for the competition. He said he has been playing the piano for eight years. He loves competing with his talent.

“I like to take every opportunity I can get to compete,” Christiansen said, “I was practicing a lot every day.”

Christiansen said winning isn’t about getting a prize. Winning shows the amount of work attributed to practicing. 

2 One Productionz Convention Team, the youth runner-up, performed a group dance full of tumbling. Members of the group said they competed to promote their dance company and show their talent. 

The process for preparing included extra practices for the team, members of the group said. Winning runner-up has brought them closer together as a group.