OPINION | Where Utah Tech University shines and falls short

Utah Tech University offers a beautiful campus atmosphere to deserve to be ranked as a top 10 arts and science college. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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At Utah Tech University, student enrollment is only growing due to the school changing and adapting to newer approaches to benefit the students.

Students who are considering what university to attend have the option to research online the Dean’s List by Turning Point USA. The Dean’s ranked universities on categories such as the learning environment, debt, diversity and inclusion. The schools are given a grade similar to what you would see on a report card.

Although not ranked on the Dean’s List, Education Magazine writers ranked Utah Tech in the top 10 best arts and science colleges. Along with this, Utah Tech takes first place for the most affordable public university within the state of Utah, awarded by the Utah System of Higher Education.

Utah Tech excels at having a high acceptance rate and implementing their academic motto, while needing improvement on inclusivity and on-campus food options.

Acceptance rate – A+

Utah Tech has a 100% acceptance rate, which is incredible because it gives students the chance to attend college even if their grades throughout high school weren’t outstanding.

High school was a very hard time for me. I struggled to find my place and did not feel like I belonged. This affected my academic standing. I moved schools three times, and I flew under the radar with my grades. Fortunately, I was able to graduate high school.

With my grades, I wouldn’t have been accepted to very many colleges. I applied to Utah Tech and was accepted. Utah Tech college admission counselors give any applicant wanting to attend a higher education institution the opportunity to do so. Because of this, I would give the college an “A+” rating in the acceptance rate category.

Academics – A

Utah Tech faculty takes pride in the motto “Active Learning. Active Life.” From what I’ve seen, professors stand by this motto when fulfilling their teaching responsibilities.

Learning is about retaining information and being able to put it into action. This is essential to getting a degree and being able to succeed in the career field a student has chosen.

As a kinetic-style learner, I comprehend material by participating in hands-on learning. The “Active Learning. Active Life.” teaching style helps me learn and understand what my professors are teaching.

I would give Utah Tech an “A” in the academics category because its academic motto is emphasized on campus to put learning into practice.

Inclusivity – D

Utah Tech could improve on segregation for on-campus student housing.

Currently, there are not any options for different genders to live together unless they are legally married. Even the married students don’t have space to live on campus. They have to go to an off-campus, married housing site.

Non-segregation is important because students don’t always fit into a certain stereotypical box and accommodations need to be made. In today’s society, there is more awareness on transgender, non-binary students and young married couples. It is important for the school’s housing employees to help everyone feel safe, comfortable and included wherever they are living.

I would rate Utah Tech a “D” in the inclusivity category because it is segregated, and there aren’t any options for inclusive, on-campus housing.

Campus food – D

Utah Tech dining services could also improve on the options for food on-campus.

Most universities have multiple dining halls and a student union with many restaurants offered. The Trailblazer Cafe has 2-3 restaurants serving food throughout the day. There is also a Subway, Stacks and Brooks’ Stop. The Human Performance Center has a B-Fruity juice bar with smoothies and snacks.

I notice when looking for food options on campus, there is not a variety of fruits and vegetables. I have the option to go to B-Fruity, but I am allergic to the majority of their smoothies. I also don’t see a lot of Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free selections. It is important to have diet friendly options for a big group of people.

Niche, another college rating website, grades Utah Tech’s campus food as a “B+.” I strongly disagree with this grade because Chick-fil-A and Pizza Hut do not offer the healthiest selections.

I would give Utah Tech a “D” for the food category due to the non diet-friendly choices.

Utah Tech currently has much to offer including many great resources and academic approaches but still has room for improvement in other categories.