There are still plans for CVS III to have balconies after the student death in the fall semester

Students made a memorial with flowers and messages in honor of Peyton Hall who passed away on Dec 4. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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Utah Tech University freshman Peyton Hall tragically passed away Dec. 4 from falling off the fifth story balcony at Campus View Suites II, and the investigation is still continuing. 

Ongoing investigation

Seth Gubler, executive director of auxiliaries and director of housing, was able to answer a few questions in the midst of the ongoing investigation. 

Gubler said there is not an official bereavement policy for students involved in tragic incidents that he is aware of; bereavement policies are excused absences for those mourning the loss of someone close to them. Some universities have bereavement policies for these types of tragic incidents.

Gubler said, “However, students struggling to cope with tragic situations may meet with the Dean of Students to discuss resources and/or reasonable accommodations.” 

Future of balconies

Because of this incident, some may be wondering if there are plans to have balconies on the new Campus View Suites III. Gubler said current plans for CVS III do include balconies. 

How to get help

Gubler said students who are struggling should reach out to the Booth Wellness Center where professionals are ready to assist students. 

“Students may also reach out to the Dean of Students or any trusted UT representative whom they’ve made a connection with,” Gubler said. “There are many helping hands and compassionate advocates on campus who are willing to help where they can.”

Garyn Gulbranson, director of the BWC, said students who are struggling or who are in need of mental healthcare should reach out to BWC for support. 

“We continue to offer support services which are readily available and accessible to students for walk-in consultations/crisis,” Gulbranson said. “Or available to schedule appointments by calling the Booth Wellness Center.”  

Information from the initial statement

Jyl Hall, director of public relations, said the University does not have any new information because the investigation is ongoing. 

The only information available is through the original statement from when the tragic incident initially happened. The original statement reads:

“On Dec. 4, 2022, around 2:30 a.m., a freshman Utah Tech University student, Peyton Hall, tragically fell from a fifth story balcony at Campus View Suites II in what appears to be an accidental death, although the investigation is ongoing. Peyton was with several roommates and friends at the time who witnessed the incident.  

Students immediately called 911 and a Utah Tech Police Department officer was first on the scene followed quickly by officers from the St. George Police Department and ambulance medical services. The University Police officer and medical staff conducted lifesaving measures, but he was pronounced deceased at the scene. 

The family was contacted and Utah Tech officials worked with the Southwest Behavioral Health Center mobile crisis team who arrived on the scene in the early morning to provide mental health support to students and others involved. In addition, mental health professionals from Utah Tech will be available at Campus View Suites II Dec. 4-5 to provide support on location and to continue to monitor the situation. UT students are welcome to go to the front desk of Campus View Suites II to set up a time to meet with a mental health professional and anyone can dial 988 for immediate mental health support. 

Peyton was an involved and loved student in good academic standing at Utah Tech University, and our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends, and loved ones during this tragic time.”