Tips from Utah Tech Peer Coaches on how to finish the semester strong

Ivan Cataluna, a junior nursing major from St George, and Hili Hanks a freshman pre-nursing major from Hawaii, working on homework in the Student Resource Center. Annie Muirbrook| Sun News Daily

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As spring break has come to an end, it’s time to prepare for the end of the semester.

With six weeks left until finals, now is the time to get back in the mode of working on homework and getting assignments done.

After spring break, you may have the tendency to stay in vacation mode. Seniors are graduating, and students want to start the summer, but now is not the time to slow down.

Remember why you are here

Don’t forget why you are here at Utah Tech University. According to the Census Bureau release from 2023, 23% of Americans have a bachelor’s degree as their highest form of education. It is important to remember how hard students work to get a degree and how rare it can be to obtain one. Take pride in being in college, and use that as motivation to continue to excel in classes.

Peer Coach Aiden Logan, a sophomore biology major from Denver, Colorado said it is important to remember why you are here. There are no breaks after spring break, so it is important to have a “final push” for the end of the year.

Focus on the end, enjoy the summer

One important piece of advice given by the Peer Coaches is to give full focus for the end of the semester.

Peer Coach Carla Naverrete, a senior biology major from St. George, said it is important to “focus on the end [of the semester] so you can enjoy the summer.” Being focused and having a healthy mindset about ending the semester on a high note can give relief for a better summer. Whether that means taking a summer off of school and working, or signing up for summer classes, ending this semester strong is a rewarding way to start the summer.

Create new goals

Peer Coach Kate Backus, a sophomore exercise science major from American Fork, expressed the importance of creating new goals.

Backus said, “Reconnect yourself to why you are here and try new things.”

Backus also said it is important “to get out of your shell” for the rest of the semester and push harder to do better this semester. It is never too late to create new hobbies and start new study patterns. This can help manage homework and school work easier.

Stay motivated

Staying motivated can help lessen procrastination and stress. Peer Coach Kate Jorgensen, a senior psychology major from Richfield, said it is important to keep a positive reinforcement attitude when coming back from spring break. Having the motivation to get back into the school year and finish strong is important for this last part of the school year.

Treat school as work

Treating school as work is a great way to continue into the mindset. Getting to class early and preparing for the material beforehand can continue motivation for classes. Another tip is to not take homework home. If getting distracted on social media is a problem, block time to study in the Jeffery R. Holland Centennial Commons and Library Building. It is not ideal to bring work home and work on it and it goes the same way with schoolwork. Creating designated times of school can help balance school work, jobs and social life.

Overall, these tips can help students finish the rest of the semester strong. Don’t let the relaxation from this past week push you behind on what is important. Remember to take time to take care of yourself, while still managing school work and what is important. Using these tips from Peer Coaches at Utah Tech can help utilize how and when you work on school work.