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Utah Tech’s Garden Club cultivates community and wellness

Birds chirping, the smell of fresh vegetables and engaging activities are what you will find at Utah Tech University’s Garden Club. With the club motto of “plant, thrive and repeat,” club members join to learn more about gardening and creating clean growing habits. Club President Kaelyn Roman, a junior elementary education major from Ely, Nevada, […]

OPINION | ‘Quiet on Set’ revealed the abusive reality of childhood acting

Content warning: Topics discussed in this article contain sexual and emotional assault. “Quiet On Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV” documented the emotional, physical and sexual abuse of production sets from hit childhood shows like “The Amanda Show” to “Drake and Josh” and many more. After watching “Quiet on Set,” every thought I had […]

Life beyond graduation: Utah Tech alumni shine in diverse career paths

A year after tossing their graduation caps into the air, these alumni have shaped their lives after graduation with preparation from what they learned at Utah Tech University. Attending a university helps equip students to pursue a career, but do you ever wonder where Utah Tech alumni are in life post-graduation? Natalie Riggs Natalie Riggs […]

OPINION | Why Gen Z is ‘aging like milk,’ what we should do about it

Aging like fine wine is often described for people who age gracefully like Paul Rudd or Salma Hayek. But when I saw The New York Times article describing Generation Z as “aging like milk,” it stopped my train of thought and opened my mind to a realization – Gen Z is maturing faster than any […]

Embrace the love: peer coaches and SOL arrange Valentine’s booth

For the past few years, the peer coaches have been giving more than roses on Valentine’s Day; they spread joy and love to the Utah Tech University community. This year, the Student Organization of Latinos has joined the peer coaches to bring even more excitement to this holiday. This year, 200 roses were handed out […]

What you need to know about the proposed Student Union Building

A new Student Union Building is being proposed for students to vote upon, which would replace the Student Activities Center standing in between the Human Performance Center and the Gardner Student Center. If the majority vote is “yes,” it would start a years-long process of approvals and voting before the building is on campus. This […]

Starving for change: Utah Tech University lacks reliable meal plans

The epitome of a college experience: crowded sports games, late-night homework assignments and the iconic dining hall. What is the one thing Utah Tech University students are missing from the college experience? A dining hall and meal plans that are affordable, tasty and healthy. Dining at any university should be convenient and healthy. Most universities […]

OPINION | 2023 predictions: the hits and misses of the year

As 2023 comes to an end, we often reflect on forgotten New Year’s resolutions, events that happened throughout the year, and predictions made at the start of the year. But do we look back at any predictions to see if they are correct? I wrote an article at the start of the year predicting what […]