A look at the future general education building

A blueprint of the new general education building. Photo courtesy of Sherry Ruesch.

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A new general education building will bring additional academic space to the campus of Utah Tech University.

Opening in the fall of 2025, with just under two years of construction time, Utah Tech’s new general education building will add 45 classrooms, 20 study rooms and 105 faculty offices. The building will also feature a large collaboration area on level two with smaller collaboration and study areas on each floor. 

The overall cost of the building is estimated to be around $70.5 million including furnishings with the construction cost being $55.5 million. 

Sherry Ruesch, assistant vice president of facilities management, said, “Every student will have a class in the building with many of the general education classes being taught there.”

The new building will be around 120,000 square feet and be located just south of the Udvar-Hazy building giving students close proximity to parking and the Jeffery R. Holland Centennial Commons. 

This expansion to Utah Tech’s campus follows a seventh consecutive year of student enrollment increasing and its largest-ever student body for the 2022-2023 school year. 

With the increase in students has come an increase in academic programs and facilities.

Along with the new general education building, the university has also broken ground on an additional student housing space (Campus View Suites 3) and is planning a future student union building

Ruesch said, “The general education building will be all academic with classrooms, offices and study spaces as opposed to the student union building which will have food venues, student activities and student support spaces.” 

The building will be desert colors to fit the environment of St. George, but it will be a completely unique design. 

“The building will provide students with great views in every direction,” Ruesch said. “Having classrooms, labs and study spaces with an abundance of natural light is one of the items that make our campus environment unique.”