Groundbreaking ceremony for Campus View Suites III

Officials break ground for Campus View Suites III with red Utah Tech University shovels. Sydney Johnson | Sun News Daily

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Utah Tech University broke ground for its third on-campus student housing complex in eight years Feb. 9 in response to the need for more housing options and increasing enrollment numbers.

During the Campus View Suites III groundbreaking ceremony, President Richard “Biff” Williams said, “Today, because of Campus View Suites III, we are commencing yet another monumental shift in the history of this great institution.”

CVS III is projected to open for the fall 2024 semester and will offer an additional 564 beds for Utah Tech’s student body. 

“There is a need and interest for students to live on campus,” said Seth Gubler, director of housing and resident life. “Where the demand is present, we are going to provide the supply if possible.”

Like previous phases, CVS III will include laundry facilities, a fitness room, indoor bike storage, multipurpose rooms and more.

In addition to the previous amenities, Campus View Suites III will also have a grocery store to supply students with fresh produce, frozen meals and other necessities at their convenience. 

“We are hoping to bring that convenience close to them, so those that do not have vehicles can easily access food options,” Gubler said. 

After conducting focus groups at CVS I and II, Gubler said the student’s feedback included study areas, storage options and separate game and dining areas. With that knowledge, CVS III will provide these accommodations for students. 

Despite the off-campus housing and rental options, Gubler said many students want to live on campus due to the convenience and resources that are available.

“Statistically, students usually stay matriculated, have better grades, are more involved and are happier if they are connected to the university with a strong tie and bonding,” Gubler said. “Usually living on campus helps that happen because of the closer connection to staff and resources.”

“Our trailblazing attitude will never cease, and as always, it’s a great day to be a Trailblazer,” Williams said.