OPINION | The power of healing: why therapy is for everyone

Mental Health therapy can lead to several positive results, including resolution, coping skills, and empathy. Brynlee Wade | Sun News Daily

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We have all had those days where we needed a long rant session or some validation from someone, and fortunately, there are people out there who get paid to do this. 

Therapy is an opportunity for anyone to express what challenges are impacting them. Life and people aren’t perfect and it is important to seek out support. Since going to therapy and working through my struggles, I now have a bigger capacity to handle hard situations. Therapy is for everyone and anybody can take the chance to improve daily and become better.

Mental health awareness is bigger than it has ever been in the United States. There are speakers and paid jobs that solely focus on mental health. Some of these include therapists, psychiatrists, public speakers and psychologists. These jobs are essential in today’s world to help people process and work through their mental illness and emotions.

Personally, I have received therapeutic help since my parents were divorced in 2009. My mom paid for therapy, so I could have a person to confide in and trust. This was extremely helpful and built me into being the person I am today. Some major topics that have impacted me in therapy are mindfulness skills, conflict-resolution problem solving and being unapologetically me.

Therapy is all about sharing and feeling one’s own emotions. It is a healthy outlet because everyone needs someone to talk to. Humans are pack animals, and we rely on each other for support to live. Talking with people allows individuals to grow and accomplish goals to succeed.

There are many stressors that have not been as relevant to prior generations such as social media and university requirements. Schools have taught more information as technology continues to advance, meaning there is more knowledge out in the open everyday. This can lead to mental struggles because of the high pressure put upon students. It is important to discuss these stressors and challenges with someone who can validate, help and treat the problem, so people can release and feel their emotions effectively.

Bottling up emotions and then releasing them in an angry manner is a very common way to express emotions. However, this isn’t the healthiest way. It is more productive to process and problem solve the issues causing the anger.

One of the first things I learned in therapy is what a coping skill is. Coping skills are a ways to feel and work through the emotional pain someone is feeling. For example, a coping skill could be dancing in one’s bedroom and singing to the music out loud. This helps to temporarily manage and work through the pain an individual is feeling.

Since I have attended therapy, I have learned there are different types of therapeutic approaches. Although all of them have the same basic skills, there are different types that are targeted toward certain illnesses and problems. Some of these techniques are dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and play therapy. All types of therapy are effective, and it is good to be aware of the different options to receive the correct help.

Not only does therapy affect a person’s emotions and how they deal with themselves, but therapy also helps connect people and help others have empathy in all types of relationships. 

Clients who attend family therapy report that it helps with “improvement in work productivity, co-worker relationships, family relationships, partner relationships, emotional health, overall health, social life and community involvement.” 

I agree with the reporting of these clients because therapy has helped me all around. I used to be anxious to talk to new people and branch out, especially after moving to a different state for school. After working through this in therapy, I have become involved with the community and developed a social life.

Empathy is a huge part of being in a relationship and understanding where a person is coming from. Empathy allows people to respond in a social situation appropriately and be aware of themselves and others. People don’t always know what their friends and family are going through, and it is crucial in a relationship to be considerate.

Another reason why it is important to seek help and have a therapist is because it builds confidence.

Confidence helps build character in a person. Having the tools to create a happier self-image allows a person to step outside of his or her comfort zone. Confidence makes the person who they are and helps with current and future situations. Self-esteem also plays into this.

Therapists help an individual identify their personal core beliefs, whether that is positive or negative. Learning to embrace those beliefs can improve one’s outlook in life.

Therapy can benefit anyone in any lifestyle and improve someone’s day to day experience. Instead of sitting and wallowing in problems, individuals can have someone who listens to them, understands what is going on and helps plan a resolution to their issues. It is important to attend therapy to have that healthy outlet and create a productive life.