Top 3 events you might have missed this summer

During the summer of 2023, many popular and impactful events took place. Are these events paving the way for what’s coming next? Cora Mark | Sun News Daily

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Good, bad, boring, exciting. Summer for everyone is different.

Some people get very involved in all the popular and top events and topics, while others choose to completely disconnect from the world and do their own thing.

Media as a whole is a major part of society, and many things happen every second of every day. This often translates to people taking opportunities to disconnect from all of the buzz and big issues or events during the summer.

On the other end of things, people get involved so much that they know every detail about whatever event is happening, whether that is through TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

The events throughout this summer all had an impact on society. Things such as the OceanGate Titan implosion had more of a negative effect on people. Whereas, the new “Barbie” movie had some of society feeling more nostalgic. Even the rainfall levels in St. George had emotions and feelings rising or dropping.

All of these events over the past few months changed the outlook and thought process for many people.


At 12.5 feet below sea level, OceanGate’s Titan Submersible imploded due to a collapsed hull and water pressure pushing in on all sides, killing all five men inside. 

“It just opened my eyes a little bit,” said Macie Andersen, a freshman population health major from Cache Valley. “Things can happen in an instant, and lives can change forever.”

OceanGate’s Titan had varied reactions when videos of what the inside of the Submarine looked like, as well as how it was controlled.

Stockton Rush, the pilot of the Titan, said before he died in the accident, “I’ve taken a completely new approach to the sub design and it’s all run with this game controller and these touch screens.”


Two of the top movies this summer were “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” Oftentimes, people would go see both movies in one trip because both had such great reviews and yet, they were so different, therefore creating “Barbenheimer.”

The idea of “Oppenheimer” was a big topic for the human race, and Christopher Nolan, one of the writers of the movie, felt the world should know the story of the man who “gave the world the power to destroy itself.”

On the topic of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s story behind the atomic bomb, Christopher Nolan said, “It absolutely changed the world in a way that no one else has changed the world.”

“Barbie,” was just about on the same popularity level as “Oppenheimer,” only for different reasons.

Rotten Tomatoes gave “Barbie” 88% on their Tomatometer. Those original “Barbie” followers who watched many of the original Mattel “Barbie” movies said good things about references throughout the film to those O.G. storylines.

“Growing up, I loved Barbie, so it was nostalgic,” said Courtney Grob, a St. George resident. “It was empowering in a way because we live in such a male-dominated society, so it was nice to see a woman dominate society.”

The content all over the media boosted the popularity of this movie. Specifically on TikTok, it had advertised the movie throughout the “Hi Barbie” trend. Before and after the movie came out, the admiration and excitement unrivaled.


The 9.8 inches we have gotten here in St. George this year alone is already ranking 33rd on the yearly weather watch tracker. It seems as though the rest of those 300 days of sunshine St. George gets every year is getting pushed to a little later in the year.

Hailey White, a St. George resident, said: “I did like it. It made me feel good that our lakes are filling up again and that our environment is finally thriving a little bit.”

According to KSL, Utah’s reservoirs, excluding Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge, are up to almost 84% capacity. However, with the increase in capacity, there is a lot of damage to roads and hiking trails, closing off portions of St. George.

The dry heat here makes many people want the rain to last longer and continue into the winter to make more snowfall, but St. George isn’t very well known for its wet winters.

“I hope it’s more snowy,” White said. “But, I think it’s going to be super dry and cold.”

This summer has been full of events, reminding us that life is constantly evolving with each passing day. Whether we choose to actively participate or simply observe, staying connected to the ever-changing world around us is a journey where every moment holds the promise of something new.