Get in the game: intramural sports creates unique way to have fun, stay fit

Many students signed up to play intramural sports this semester. Intramurals are a great way for students to make new friends and relationships outside of school. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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Intramural sports offers Utah Tech University students an opportunity to stay active, socialize and create a sense of community on campus.

Right now, there are five active intramural sports at Utah Tech including coed flag football, men’s sand volleyball, women’s sand volleyball, coed sand volleyball and coed outdoor soccer. Games are played Monday through Thursday all over campus.

Intramural sports are considered physical activities. With all physical activity, it can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

There is no need to panic for the students who are not yet signed up for any of the sports already mentioned. Intramural sports will be played and available to sign up and join all year. 

Intramural sports and their signup deadline dates include:

  • Men’s Flag Football ———-Aug. 29
  • Pickleball ——————–Sept. 2
  • Co-ed 3v3 Basketball——–Oct. 27
  • Women’s 3v3 Basketball–—Oct. 27
  • Men’s 3v3 basketball———Oct .27
  • Cornhole———————Nov. 6
  • Turkey Bowl ——————Nov. 27

Traci Collins, the assistant director of campus recreation, said any student can play along with the spouses of students, faculty and staff and that the process for students to sign up for intramurals is simple.

Students can download the app, IMLeagues, or go to the IMLeagues website. Every student has an account provided for them. By using their D numbers and Canvas password, they are able to log in and sign up for the sports they want to play.

Collins recommended students sign up with a team. Although it’s not mandatory, it does guarantee a spot on the game schedule.

For students who don’t have a team, they can sign up as free agents. Already established teams can pick players who sign up as free agents.

Tia Capron, a freshman digital film major from Waipahu, Hawaii, said if students are thinking of playing but are scared, just do it.

“Honestly, you get to meet people and make really fun bonds,” Capron said. “I just met my friends a few weeks ago, and I think that practice helped to get to know them a little bit more.”

Being part of a team often involves teamwork and cooperation. This allows students to develop valuable life skills like how to communicate effectively, strategize and work together toward a common goal.

For some, playing and being on a team is a stress reliever, and for others, it can be the gas that fuels their competitiveness. 

Jaxon Peebler, a sophomore media studies major from West Jordan, has played a couple of intramural sports; however, he said flag football is his favorite.

“We go out and play a sport we love against other people, and it’s just a fun time,” Peebler said.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or simply someone looking to stay active, there’s a place for you in intramural sports.