Utah Tech provides wide variety of dining options for students

Students like to eat at the on-campus dining options because of easy access and convenience. However, are students satisfied with the current on-campus dining options that Utah Tech University offers? Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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Utah Tech University provides education to students while their dining services give students the fuel they need to succeed.

There are numerous dining options available for students that provide a wide variety of food, seating areas and price points.

There are five main dining locations on campus: The Trailblazers Cafe, Stampede Station, Brooks’ Stop, Stacks and Grazers. While each of these locations provides food and drinks, some specialties set these places apart from one another.

The Trailblazers Cafe

Located in the Gardner Student Center on campus, The Trailblazers Cafe has a few staples for students who know what they want.

Chick-fil-A and Pizza Hut provide students with pizza and chicken sandwiches. Restaurants are continuously moving in and out from the right side of the cafe, but at the moment, it houses The Loaded Bison, which specializes in burgers, and FujiSan Sushi, which caters to those who like sushi rolls and boba tea.

Mason Britton, a sophomore history major from St. George, said, “I currently work at The Loaded Bison in the Trailblazers Cafe…the thing I love most about working [there] is working with my fellow coworkers.”

Britton said: “I am surrounded by amazing people who work at Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, FujiSan Sushi and Utah Tech Catering. We all help each other when we need it and if you need a good laugh.”

This location provides the most seating out of any of the other locations and has the option for booths instead of tables. The Trailblazers Cafe has one of the higher price points but also provides the most diverse food options out of all the locations. 

Stampede Station

This crossover convenience store and fast food option is located in the Gardner Student Center, a hallway down from The Trailblazers Cafe. It houses a convenience store with many drink and snack options, providing items that any gas station would.

This location also contains a Subway and the newly built Splash Drinks & Treats. The station doesn’t provide any seating within its physical location, but there are plenty of seating options in and around the Gardner Center that suffice.

Brooks’ Stop

This small convenience store is located in between Campus View Suites I and II. Within their doors, Brooks’ Stop has several options for frozen dinners, sweet treats and it’s specialty meals like Bison Bites or breakfast platters.

Brooks’ also provides a few Starbucks drinks to those students who have early morning classes and need a pick-me-up before they go.

While there are a few seating areas in the building, most students who eat here take it to go. Brooks’ provides a cost-friendly option to students who live on campus.

Located in the Holland Centennial Commons on the main floor, Stacks has many options that cater to students. Having soups, salads, sandwiches and a Starbucks, Stacks is for students looking for an in-between-class meal, coffee or morning bagel before getting back to studying.

While having a smaller seating area compared to The Trailblazers Cafe, Stacks has several tables of varying height and has the most natural sunlight for a relaxing break in between classes or study sessions. Its price point is higher but has the most well-balanced meals on campus, second only to Grazers.


While this location provides the most healthy options, it’s also the highest price point of all five locations.

Grazers is located in the Human Performance Center. It offers a few seating options next to windows that look in on the climbing wall.

From acai bowls to smoothies, Grazers provides students with a wide variety of health-centric options for both pre and post-workout munchies.

Dayna Anderson, a former Utah Tech student from La Verkin, said while she occasionally ate on campus during her time at the school, she wished the dining options offered more health-centric choices.

“I’d love if they were able to add some more options that are not just fast food…something with some good salads would be amazing,” Anderson said.

Several dining options cater to every student regardless of where they are on campus. Providing both employment and food, the dining options fuel those with a love for learning.