OPINION | Dive into Splash Drinks & Treats at Utah Tech

Splash Drinks & Treats had its grand opening August 2023. Its location is on the first floor of the Gardner Student Center. Mia Tom | Sun News Daily

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Splash Drinks & Treats is now open, and they are ready to steal away all of the other local soda shops’ customers.

The soda trends seem to be kicking it into high gear this summer, and Utah Tech University is lucky enough to have its own soda shop open on campus in the Gardner Student Center. I can’t wait to spend more time between my classes stopping to get a drink or treat.

This simple and modern shop is a very welcoming place to go. Whether you’re passing between classes or ending your day on campus, Splash will be sure to quench your thirst and hunger.

The moment I walked into the shop, I was welcomed with smiles and greetings. The staff was friendly and attentive, immediately asking what they could get for me as well as asking how my day was going. Their bright smiles and willingness to answer any of my questions about the food and drinks made my experience a pleasant one. 

The shop was clean and sleek, and the white and blue colors tied together the aesthetic. It wasn’t overwhelming to order what I wanted to buy as the counter was cleared off and the kitchen was organized. There was a large window at the back of the kitchen that leads to a great view of the campus. That little touch makes it seem like the shop is much bigger.

Splash’s menu was easy to read and understand. The sizes range from 16 ounces to 64 ounces, and their most popular drinks are marked with a Brooks the Bison logo. It always piques my interest to see what the most popular things are in smaller shops like Splash.

Some of those top drinks include the Blondie, Bison Bomb and UT Classic.

I ordered the Blondie which has Dr. Pepper, coconut and vanilla cream. Compared to other soda shops, the amount of ice they added was a little too much. I would have loved to have been able to enjoy my drink for a little longer rather than having half of it be ice, but overall, it was refreshing.

They don’t just have drinks at Splash. They also have food items like Dippin’ Dots, pretzel bites and cookies.

As for the cookies, the menu lists multiple flavors including:

  • Frosted Sugar
  • Frosted Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut Butter
  • Seasonal Flavors
  • Scotch-a-roos

Fun fact, all of the cookies that have frosting are freshly frosted in-house by hand. That was an interesting thing for me to find out because it really shows the work and commitment that Splash employees have to make sure the items they sell are fresh and of the best quality possible.

Just like most soda shops around, Splash has the option of customizing drinks. Customers get to decide which soda and add-ons they want in their drinks. The add-ons consist of syrup flavors, puree flavors, different creams and scoops of fruit.

The perfect drink is attainable at this soda shop. I wasn’t always a soda fan, but this summer was the first time I had an interest in the popularity of it. So, as a newly interested soda drinker, I was satisfied with the options they had as well as how easy it was to make modifications if I wanted it.

“They had fast service,” said Brynley Kint, a film major from St. George. “They were very personable. It’s very clean and has very yummy drinks.”

Looking at other soda shops like Swig or Fiiz, Splash seems to be on the less expensive side. Taking into consideration the speed at which the drink was made as well as the ingredients in the drinks, the prices are very reasonable.

With how popular soda is with college students, Splash is and will continue to be a great addition to our Utah Tech campus. Whether you’re a soda lover or a pretzel lover, Splash is a great place to go, so stop by and experience it for yourself.