Shape your university experience with these 3 student resource organizations

The Utah Tech ambassadors, peer coaches and alumni ambassadors work as mentors for future, current and graduated students. Those who are interested in getting involved may apply and find out more information about these organizations on the programs’ Instagram pages. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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From the moment a student thinks about attending college to the moment they decide to graduate, Utah Tech University has many resources available for its students to help in every stage of their academic journey. 

However, three specific resources at the university work on welcoming, supporting and guiding students throughout college life. They give back to the student body, and if you’d like the chance to do the same, each of the organizations is hiring for fall semester positions. Here is what the resources contribute to campus. 


When you go to the welcome desk of the Holland Centennial Commons & Library, the first people you see are the ambassadors. Commonly known as the students in the red polos, they have more responsibilities beyond sitting at the welcome desk and driving around in golf carts. 

The Ambassador Program is a part of the admissions department for Utah Tech. They give tours on campus, travel to local high schools and promote the university while demonstrating a positive representation of Utah Tech. They also travel to other states including Nevada, California, Idaho and Arizona to educate other people about the university. 

“What’s cool is we’re also growing where we’re recruiting,” said Ambassador President Bella Estes, a junior communication studies major from Scottsdale, Arizona. “It’s a very exciting time for the university as we’re growing so much, and the Ambassadors play a huge part in promoting the university and recruiting more students to attend.”

Oftentimes, an ambassador is one of the first people a prospective student may meet at the university. Whether ambassadors visit a high school to give a presentation or offer a campus tour, they work toward recruiting students while offering a first impression of what college life is like. 

“My favorite part about being an ambassador is the connections that I’ve gotten to make across campus,” Estes said. “Not only am I making connections with ambassadors that I work with…But also connections that I’ve made on and off campus with very successful people that have helped promote me to my future career.”

The application for the Ambassador Program is open until Feb. 15.  

Peer Coaches

Most freshmen and transfer students will receive a peer coach during their first year at the university, but peer coaches can be requested regardless of what academic year a student is in. 

The responsibilities of a peer coach are to meet with students throughout the year while offering support and knowledge about different resources, events and advice. 

Peer coach Logan Gonzalez, a junior accounting major from Logan, said: “I think one of the biggest purposes of a peer coach is honestly, being here for the students and being a professional friend, who can both provide resources and be there to support in difficult or good situations.”

Peer coaches work toward making a student’s experience in college as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. By meeting with students, peer coaches work with Utah Tech to increase the university’s retention rate among freshmen.

Gonzalez said, “Just being there to watch someone grow and develop into a better person and become a better version of themselves, that’s my biggest reason for peer coaching.”

The application to become a peer coach is open until Feb. 5. 

Alumni Ambassadors

While the ambassadors work on getting students to attend the university, the Alumni Ambassadors work on guiding students as they begin to transition into life after college by connecting students to alumni.

“I love to see the opportunities that come from being an Alumni Ambassador and helping other students,” said Alumni Ambassador President Cortney Houston, a junior communication studies major from Panguitch.

The Alumni Ambassadors help as the post-graduation phase of a student’s academic journey comes closer. They help students understand what awaits them and what future they can build for themselves so they are better prepared after receiving a diploma. 

“We have this beautiful unity of authentic and genuine care for each other,” Houston said. “We have a lot of fun, but we also get the work done.”

The application to become an Alumni Ambassador is open until Feb. 20.

While each resource at our university is geared toward a different demographic of students, they each provide support for students before, during and after their time in college. 

If you’re a student seeking an opportunity to make an impact on your peers, now is the time to apply. Whether you envision yourself as a welcoming face, a supportive peer or a guiding bridge to the future, there’s a place for you to contribute and shape the university experience.