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The arrest of a non-student on Utah Tech campus

The St. George Police Department arrested an individual on Sept. 13, near an on-campus housing unit at Utah Tech University. Interim Chief of Police Ron Bridge said the arrestee, 18-year-old Christian Quintana, is not a student and had participated in a series of behavioral events beginning on the night of Sept. 12 and ending in […]

OPINION | Money can buy you happiness

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know how to spend it.  As a full-time college student working a part-time job, life itself is just stressful. I worry about money all of the time. Whether it’s how I’m going to afford the soaring gas prices or if eating out is within my budget, I’ve found […]

‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’: long-distance relationships amongst college students

With technology advancing every day, long-distance relationships have become more common in society.  About 75% of U.S. college students have been in a long-distance relationship at one point in their life.  Because of FaceTime, unlimited call, text and social media, couples have found a way to connect and flourish regardless of the miles between them.  […]

Pros and cons: on-campus vs. off-campus jobs

The college experience looks different for every student and finding the right job can often contribute to the academic journey. Two options readily available to students include on-campus and off-campus jobs. Both have pros and cons, so it’s up to students to find the right fit for their lifestyle.  Thomas Thacker, a sophomore media studies […]

Fun, helpful on-campus resources available to students

As classes kick into full gear, students might be searching for fun and helpful things to do on-campus. Other than the weekly athletic events, and the Wednesday events hosted by the Utah Tech University Student Association, there are plenty of things to do on campus.  The Writing Center Utah Tech provides resources that help assist […]

OPINION | ‘Love Island’ vs. ‘The Bachelor’ franchise

This week, a hot new bombshell enters the villa, “Love Island” vs. “The Bachelorette.” With these shows marking two of the most popular reality TV dating shows in the nation, “Love Island U.K.” reigns superior to any show in “The Bachelor” franchise. “Love Island” brings in both male and female contestants; instead of thirty males […]

Students reminisce on their favorite summer 2022 memories

Although summer may be over, the memories students have made will never be forgotten. While some students were focusing on work and making major life decisions over the break, others were enjoying the scenery of southern Utah, traveling around the world, and moving to St. George. Whether students found work locally or back in their […]