New myUT app unveils central hub for student resources

Utah Tech University has unveiled a resourceful app for students, consolidating all student needs into one spot. The app was released Feb. 5 and replaced the web browser version of MyUT Feb. 15. Mason Britton | Sun News Daily

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The myUT app not only features a variety of Utah Tech University websites in one, but it also presents a personalized home screen for each user. 

Newly released, the app includes access to meal plans, printers and tuition balances as well as each student’s schedule with their due dates for assignments. This schedule is called myDay and features Navigate appointments and the Outlook calendar. 

The app also includes the following:

  • Calendar to add events directly to phone calendar
  • Access ID barcode to scan at the Human Performance Center
  • Direct access to Canvas
  • Utah Tech Ticket Office
  • Applications for scholarships
  • Tutoring and study buddy sign-ups
  • On-campus jobs

The majority of the work completed to create the app was done by Utah Tech’s IT Services department.

Mark Walton, chief information officer, said while the IT department has been involved, many individuals across campus have also had a part in the app’s creation.

“Because this app will impact every current and future student’s journey here at Utah Tech, we wanted student input from the very beginning,” Walton said. 

The original development was completed by a student employee, which resulted in feedback from student focus groups for suggestions pertaining to improvements.

Alyssa Ponce, a computer programmer and analyst, was involved in the development of the app as a senior last semester. She also presented the app to the University Council.

While many individuals have pointed out the need for one centralized hub for all things related to Utah Tech, plans started coming together in summer 2022. Walton said actual development didn’t occur until the summer of 2023. 

“Student apps and portals are common tools at many universities,” Walton said. “With the most important resources in one place, they help students combat app fatigue, multi-channel messaging and unnecessary confusion. Utah Tech’s substantial growth has made it necessary for all areas to come together in a more organized manner.”

Students, faculty and staff have been requesting more organization with student resources, which is the purpose of this app. 

Ali Threet, assistant vice president and dean of students, said she often gets asked about ways to get involved around campus, how to know what’s going on and how students can understand their balances. 

Up until recently, she’d had to go through a list of websites, apps and various social media pages to provide the answers to those questions. Now, this app ensures the convenience of having everything in one place.

“The best part is that they can personalize their app to populate with the most exciting and relevant information for them,” Threet said. “In addition, this app puts all the academic apps in the exact location.”

Ponce added that student feedback is vital. Being a student herself when involved in the creation of the app, she said it is refreshing to see how student-centered the app is. 

“The most important thing to us now is that students continue contributing their feedback so that we can meet their needs as they grow and change,” Ponce said. 

At the footer of myUT, a “Report a Problem” button is available to fill out issues students encounter. Students can also fill out the feedback form to report a bug or suggestion.

The forms will then be sent directly to IT to fix. Future focus groups will also be created to continuously ensure the collection of student feedback. 

“In all seriousness, I don’t see any downsides to this app,” Threet said. “With that said, it’s new, and there will be a few bugs. However, I encourage everyone to utilize the app and then suggest what could be improved.”