Tips to help gear up for commencement amidst excitement, preparation

Hayden Turnier, a senior exercise science major from Las Vegas, holds up a Utah Tech calender with May 3 blocked off for commencement day. With commencement day being a few weeks away, the Trailblazers have been putting in the hours in preparation to graduate and continue blazing their own trail. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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Graduation is coming up fast as students prepare for this hard-earned day May 3.

Newly graduated students will need to start to figure out what their plan is for post-graduation, and narrowing down students’ priorities to one thing at a time can help make that process easier. Focusing on graduation itself is a start to that long post-graduation journey.

Destry Carty, a senior biology major from South Jordan, said: “I’m really looking forward to finally graduating. The journey has been rewarding but also stupendously demanding, so I feel a sense of relief in reaching the end.”

Tying up all the loose ends, such as portfolios, finals or end-of-semester projects can be just as important as graduation itself.

One solution to keeping track of everything would be to make lists. Write down on a list or on a calendar all the things that students need to get done before the end of the semester.

Del Beatty, vice president of student affairs, said: “Stay in close contact with your academic adviser, and make sure they are not missing any of the requirements in order to graduate. I would also suggest that they look closely at their account to ensure they do not have any unpaid parking tickets or other things that would prohibit them from graduating.”

Studying for finals and keeping focused on the priorities at hand is important to making sure classes are finished. Without finals being done and passed, the student can run the risk of not being able to graduate. Even as those students are graduating, the classes they are in still need to be passed and completed. 

Annie Sorenson, a senior media studies major from Syracuse, said: “Savor all those moments. Really take advantage of all the opportunities you have, whether that’s being in a club, whether that’s taking the classes for something you’re really interested in that doesn’t go with your major. Push yourself to be better.” 

Sorenson said it’s important to have all the experiences that you can and build your portfolio and create interesting things. It gives you a great head start. 

The portfolio of all the work students have completed in college and in internships must be compiled in order for a good percentage of those who want a decent job right out of college. Take the time to go through all the past work to find the best options to add to the portfolio. Employers want to see the best work applicants have done and are capable of. 

The commencement receptions will be held across campus May 3. The location varies depending on what college the student is graduating from. 

This ceremony is the recognition of all the hard work they have put into getting their degree. Many students have their families come and watch them walk and get their diploma. Another tradition at Utah Tech University is to touch the bison statue that sits outside of the Holland building.

Each graduate is given up to four tickets for guests to attend. With the graduation fee, the student will obtain a cap and gown, which can be picked up at the Grad Fair May 1-3 at the Alumni House.

Guests who attend the ceremony will have access to free parking across campus for the day. For those who are unable to attend but would still like to watch the ceremony, a link to a live stream can be found on the Utah Tech website

Carty said: “After I graduate, I’ll be a part of the 3% of adopted children that graduate college. I definitely would never have graduated without the support of my parents, numerous professors at Utah Tech, and Mr. Johnson from 4th and 5th grade.”

Carty said he believes it important to make sure you know which ceremony to go to so that you aren’t going to the wrong one or being there longer than you need to be. Select colleges have smaller and more intimate ceremonies for those graduating.

St. George will be holding some events the weekend of May 1. For those coming into town, be aware of events such as farmers markets being held in the Downtown St. George area.

The IronMan 70.3 American Championship will be held May 4. These athletes and those who choose to attend with them have briefings and events starting May 2. This means that hotels and streets will be blocked off on the days before and the city will be busier than normal. Those who want to stay in St. George will need to prioritize their stay and book ahead of time in order to get the proper accommodations. 

With the many people involved with graduation, whether that be family and friends going to show up to support the graduates or the advisers and professors helping those students finish their required credits, keeping track of all the things that need to be done can be intimidating. Using the resources that the school provides can help make this transition and ceremony go smoother.