How to beat loneliness, make the most of your time at Utah Tech while staying for the summer

Students enjoying a day of boating on the reservoir at Sand Hollow Resort in St. George before some head home for the summer. Meanwhile, students at Utah Tech University who are staying for the summer are finding ways to stay busy and connect on campus. Abigail Byington | Sun News Daily

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3… 2… 1… Summer!

Summer is right around the corner and as some students leave to go home for those few months, others are staying. With Utah Tech University not having as many students here for the summer participating in events or clubs, it can be hard to find things to do as well as meet people. 

College can be a lonely time for students who are staying in town alone, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Summer is a chance for those students staying on or around campus to get to know one another and find things to do. 

Seth Gubler, director of housing and resident life, said, “Don’t underestimate the power of spontaneity and inviting others to do something fun on campus or to enjoy the nearby lakes, hiking trails, parks and other things, at the spur of the moment.”

Many students are in the same position as each other with wanting friends or being nervous or scared to ask someone to hang out or go with them to an activity. Even asking someone to join to get lunch one day can build not only the bond students have with that other individual but can build students’ social skills

The Human Performance Center will be open throughout the summer to students who are staying. The building has many amenities such as a full-size swimming pool, a rock climbing wall and a large two-story gym that has numerous machines. Outside the HPC, there are pickleball courts and sand volleyball courts.

Isabelle Peck, the events assistant at Utah Tech, said, “Sometimes as students, we get caught up in the fast pace of the semester and don’t take as much time to learn new things that will enrich our happiness… whatever brings you joy and excitement that has nothing to do with checking it off the class course list, then do it!”

Even if students are trying to stay busy with socializing and jobs for the summer, it can still get lonely. Making sure to stay in contact with friends and family through social media, FaceTime or texting can make a big difference with both using social skills as well as helping with loneliness.

Another thing to do for the summer would be to get a job. Whether students are taking the summer off from classes or are taking a few credits, summer is a chance to earn money. There are job opportunities off campus, but even on campus, there are jobs available. If students go onto Handshake, they can look up what places on campus are hiring for the summer.

The HPC has jobs for students like helping out at the front desk or helping with summer camps for kids. Gubler said the Campus View Suites will also offer resident assistant positions for keeping an eye on the suites during the summer as well as making plans for small gatherings and for bigger events for the school year. Other buildings around campus also offer positions in custodial, food and more.

Brooke Ulrich, director of university events and promotions, said at Utah Tech, the University Marketing and Communication department has interns who work throughout the summer. Internships are a way for students to get real-world experience that correlates with their major, allowing them to have more to show on their resumes for post-graduation jobs. 

If students choose, summer can be a time full of working, making friends and having experiences. Taking the time to find what students enjoy as well as what their priorities are can make staying on and around campus for the summer a much better experience.