Dixie Care and Share remains open to help those in need

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St. George is not only a beautiful and bountiful city, but a caring one too. Dixie Care and Share provides love, safety, and a second chance for many members of the community.

“The real impact is when you’re able to help someone who has fallen through. They come in here and we provide stability for them. Then they are able to go back out on their own,” said Jae Maxfield, the executive director of Dixie Care and Share.

Like a lot of organizations hurting for funding, last winter the charity was close to losing it all. That is, until group of musicians helped out in a big way.

“We had a CD program, the Christmas CD program, which was very successful. Ten to twelve artists put together a CD that was then sold through various outlets in the community for ten dollars a piece, as a fundraiser for Dixie Care and Share,” Maxfield explained. 

Now that the charity is stable, they’re growing in capacity and looking toward a bright future.

“It’s running fine now. It’s going as good as I’ve ever seen it,” stated Robert Blair, a three year volunteer for Dixie Care and Share. 

The shelter can hold up to 54 people overnight, but the charity’s executive director says the Dixie Care and Share needs lasting support in order to assist others down on their luck.

“We are pretty much full all the time. We really need to get into a more secure location and then be able to expand our shelter operation. We also need to update.” 

Whether donating money, food, or clothes, workers say anything you can give makes a difference.

“The public’s being made more aware of the needs of the shelter,” said Joseph Tagliarino, charity worker of two years.

Staff members at Dixie Care and Share know what it’s like to struggle, get back on your feet, and have high hopes for future success. Knowing this, they can look forward to a fresh start, while making strides towards a prosperous future and help others do the same.

Dixie Care and Share will continue to grow and help support more people in the community.