Prospective iPhone upgrade could change die-hard Android fan’s outlook

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I’m an avid Android fan, but the announcement of the iPhone 5 has me downright giddy–maybe even to the point that I’ll break my cardinal Android-only rule, and leap headfirst into the Apple jungle.

I know those words are blasphemy to any die-hard Android fan out there. But Apple seems to have made some strides with this new phone. The official specifications on the phone are still a little hush-hush, but a few things have been released that makes this tech junkie feel like a kid in a candy store.

First of all, the new iPhone is expected to have a slightly larger screen, which I love because I like to be able to use as much space on my screen as possible. The new iPhone is supposed to go from 3.5 to 4 inches, and although it may not seem like much in the cellphone world, size does matter.

In addition, the new iPhone is also switching from the standard 30 pin connector for charging down to a 9 pin connector. Now, in some ways this could be a draw back because my iPad charger is no longer universal for iPhone. But to me it’s a bonus because what that says is the phone is going to be thinner over all. With the previous models of iPhone the owner may as well have been carrying a calculator in his or her pocket. If I wanted to carry something that size around I would still have an old-school cellphone. Guess what? I don’t own an old-school cellphone.

One of my qualms with Apple has always been the battery life on its devices, which is notoriously short-lived. One of the major deciding factors for me when choosing a phone has always been whether I will have to charge this cursed thing every four hours or if it will last all day. This new phone is expected to have a larger battery installed because of some rearranging of internal hardware, which gives it the much needed juice to hold up to all of the tweets and touts my day holds.

Last, but definitely not least, according to “iPhone 5 Release Date and New Apple iPhone 5 Details, Specs and Features,” published on Aug. 17 by Christian Savoy on www.examiner.com, the iPhone 5 is highly rumored to have LTE capabilities. To some, LTE does not carry much weight, but to me it’s a huge improvement. Having the capability means that I can have an iPhone and not miss out on the faster speed, which again, was always one of my biggest issues with Apple devices.

Most of this is still speculation because Apple is always secretive on its new devices, so I am still skeptical. But I will say this: They have my attention. I’ll be reading the reviews, and when my upgrade comes up in October, I just may be switching my allegiances.