Tips and tricks for new students at college

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College can be scary, but we as students can make it fun and worth the hassle.

Our first semester of college is one that will stay in our memories forever, whether good or bad. My time in college has had its ups and downs, but each experience has taught me something I know it will help me be a better professional in the future.

Students come to college to get a good education along with a great experience. So I gathered helpful tips from a group of upperclassmen that will help new students have an outstanding experience while attending college:

Get involved with a club 
There are a lots of clubs, perfect for students with a wide range of interests and different likes. There are multicultural, academic, athletic, health, science, dance and many more. You will have a chance to meet new people and learn new skills. I have never played rugby before, but I am trying it and now I love it. It’s always good to try something new.

“My first year of college I did not do anything and it was not fun, and then as soon as I joined the cheer team, it was life changing,” said Kami Jones, a DSU cheerleader and business administration major from Liberty.

Make friends in class
Talk with your classmates. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as there will always be someone willing to help you out. If you have any questions, your first option should be to reach out to your professors and get the right information. But it is always good to befriend another student so you have someone to talk to about assignments, deadlines and exchange ideas. Another thing that really helped me out is joining a study group.

Go to events
Attend team games like football, soccer, volleyball, softball or basketball. They are always fun for me and could be for you too. By doing this I made a lot of friends and learned new skills.  Check the DSU calendar of activities online and get informed, there is always some kind of event going on. In  my opinion, te fun is where the crowd is. 

“Say hi to someone in line; just do it, just go for it and don’t be afraid,” said Chloe Lichtenberg, a junior Spanish major from Hailey, Idaho.
Get to class
Show up to class regularly and get stuff turned in. You don’t need to get 100 percent, just do your best and turn in your homework. Make sure you are always on time for your classes because you don’t want to miss important notes or comments from your professors. I try to be at least five minutes early for class, so I don’t have to rush and I have time to get my stuff ready for class, that might work for you too. I’ve learn that everything that you learn in class will help you throughout your schooling and future career, so always pay attention and focus. 

Get to know your your professors 
Your professors have a life too. Talk to them and be curious, that is what i do. You might learn important information that could help you later on. I also use ratemyprofessor.com before I choose my classes to find out more about my professors and what other students think about them. When you get your syllabus make sure you add your professors’ information to your contacts, so It’s easier for you to find them. Pay attention to how they grade your assignments and the things they expect from you. It will help you get better grades.

“I get a planner and write everything down,” said Cora Hamer, a senior dance major from St. George, “That is how I get my assignments done. If I don’t, I will die and fall behind.”

Buy food ahead of time
Prepare your meals for the week on Sundays so you don’t have to worry about making food during the week. I like to go grocery shopping with my friends or roommates on the weekends so we can help each other out. I also try to not eat out too much because it saves me money and it’s healthier. 
Do fun things
Go out and explore the beautiful city. St. George is full of interesting outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, camping, cliff jumping, shooting, biking and many more. You will enjoy the fresh air, and it will give you a break from stressful school. I love working out with my friends, it is always fun and it helps me forget about school stress.  

“Enjoy your time on campus and just get involved so when you look back on your college years, you won’t regret missing out on fun times,” said Rahim Anderson, a junior business administration major from Las Vegas.

Hopefully, all of these tips can help new students have a great college experience and enjoy what DSU has to offer.