Greek life doesn’t compare to Red Storm life

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Unlike Dixie State College, students at many larger universities can try joining a fraternity or be shunned and shamed from the ranks of major party throwers.

Members of these fraternal organizations participate in Greek life, which is a lifestyle participating not in academics, but in elite social crowds and unnecessary radical party behavior.

In some schools, Greek life is a rallying tool members use to ignite school spirit in their fellow classmates.

It’s not as effective as our DSC clubs. People aren’t going to be excited about the exclusive nature of frat houses if they aren’t considered part of the special few. When I apply for a club, I know the person I sign up with is happy to have me on board. DSC students want a welcoming environment.

Members of a fraternity represent their house’s social agenda and not necessarily their school. At DSC, many students have created or joined roughly 100 school clubs this semester alone. The students’ school participation is obviously existent as they participate in these extra-curricular activities.

The D-Crew is comparatively the closest club at DSC to a fraternity. However, this particular party throwing-people-rallying gang bears its school colors and name, representing DSC at service, sports and other events. Other clubs and teams, such as the football team, the cheerleaders, the ROTC and the cross-country team, are practicing almost every morning at 6 a.m. They’re out there dedicated and working hard, so when it’s time to compete, they can perform accordingly and unitedly represent DSC. 

Many students enjoy partying, and members of fraternities are notorious for throwing outrageous parties. Crazy parties are fun, but who needs Sally What’s-her-face from Alpha-Delta-Eta-Delta to be a party expert when any DSC club member can be? I’ve been to a few of the college’s parties, and they can get insane. “The Howl” stomp blows the top off the party meter every year.

The biggest problem with Greek life is the effect it has on academics. Students who get too caught up in nonsense such as initiation ceremonies, partying, hazing and more partying aren’t going to be focused or have the time for their studies. A little partying never hurt anyone, but when a student’s home is constantly full of wasted individuals, he or she won’t have the peace of mind for a comfortable study environment. 

Dixie State College students don’t need Greek life because they have Red Storm life.