Social, philanthropic aspects of Greek Life outweigh parties

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The Greek life is like being part of an unofficial team.

It might be a disappointment when you realize Dixie State College has no sororities or fraternities.

We all know the scene in “Legally Blonde” where Elle Woods wants to get into Harvard, so her sorority sisters help her study. Well, that’s the way I feel about it. Your frat brothers or sorority sisters are there to help you with everything, even academics. They want to watch you succeed because, after all, they are your brothers and sisters.

A big concern when it comes to joining an affiliation like this is the cost. College is already expensive and anything extracurricular adds to the load. Being a part of anything that is bigger than yourself will be something you will always remember.

The nationwide average cost of living for college students in 2011 was $8,887, according to collegedate.com, and sororities and fraternities fluctuate between an extra $70 to $1,000 per year.

Take a look at the bang you are getting for your buck. You get to live in an actual house, not an apartment, not in your parent’s basement, but a house filled with friends. I know living 300 miles away from home is hard, but it does make things easier knowing you have people to come home to who care about you as much as your family. 

The money also goes toward activities. Every so often you get to throw parties for random events, not events that are materialistic, but things that matter. The Gamma-Nus of Washburn University raised $2,000 last year for the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation.

They also spend time promoting their school. They organize activities campus-wide and promote school spirit. Imagine how nice it would be to go to a football game and have a packed stadium. It not only encourages the team to work harder, but also keeps students involved. 

It’s great to have friends in high places, and who knows where we are going in life, so why not go out and be in social situations? Greek life promotes that type of environment.

Sororities and fraternities just enforce so much good. Just imagine what they could do to our campus. 

To start Greek life here, first figure out what kind of standards you want represented. Next, find a sorority or fraternity that lives by those standards and ask them to create a chapter at Dixie State College. Then talk to the Dean.