Romney’s campaign bus makes stop at DSC

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Students and community members gathered Sept. 20 in the parking lot of the Student Activity Center as the Romney campaign bus made a surprise stop.

There were about 100 people present, and some were waiting to see who was on the bus or what would happen. Others carried signs and propaganda for either Republican candidate Mitt Romney or Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama.

“I just kind of showed up to see what’s going on,” said Stephanie Nelson, a junior theater major from Kanab. “There are a lot of people here, some supporters [of Romney] and some non-supporters, but there are no fights, so that’s good.”

Austin Lambert, a freshman computer science major from Seattle, said he originally didn’t know about the Romney bus arriving, but his parents told him about it. He went to learn more about the people running for president and their potential policies. 

“I like to be informed what my nation is doing,” Lambert said. “I watch the debates like crazy and look at every little thing they say and see which candidate I think will run this country better at this particular point in time. Right now, it’s Mitt Romney.”

Nelson said she wasn’t sure who she will vote for, so she came to expand her education on the elections.

Gov. Gary Herbert arrived after the masses settled and security was checked.    

He made his way through the crowd to shake everyone’s hand. He then spoke about Romney’s accomplishments, including his efforts with the Salt Lake City Olympics. He encouraged voters to make an educated decision during elections.  

“I’ve actually been down here for a number of reasons,” Herbert said. “[One is], coincidentally, to take the opportunity to stop by and support my good friend Mitt Romney.”

After Herbert’s speech, a representative of Romney’s Victory Center of St. George briefly introduced an opportunity for those present to tour the bus if they signed up at the center to make volunteer phone calls for the campaign.

People who volunteered were also given a Romney bumper sticker. Those interested in volunteering for Romney can visit his Victory Center at 134 North 200 E Ste 202.