Prowling cougars on college campus OK

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College is filled with women and men of all ages, so women dating younger men isn’t all that unlikely.

So is being a cougar OK in college?

Yes. Older women, single, divorced or widowed, should date younger men, not only because younger men are usually the single ones, but also because age shouldn’t define a relationship.

Now, a lot of older women may feel self-conscious about dating a younger man. Maybe there is an intellectual difference in dating a younger man, but in college that can all be set aside.

Not all younger men are immature, and plenty of men in college still have aspirations for the future that older men no longer have.

Older men, while mature and usually set into a certain lifestyle, are usually married or not married for a reason. Those who are married usually have their degrees and are looking forward to becoming established in their careers of choice. Those who aren’t probably have a hard time sticking to one woman. 

Most women prefer to date older men, yet in Baako Wahabu’s human psychology class, two of the oldest women in the room disagreed.

One is married, and the other is divorced. They explained the younger men keep them feeling alive and young themselves.

The married woman said she had married a younger man for that exact reason, and the divorced woman said she felt dating a younger man would keep her wanting to stay young in personality and in physical appearance.

It takes a lot of courage and confidence for an older woman to date a younger man. After all, most women’s biggest fear is aging. Yet the love of a younger man could keep that woman feeling beautiful as she ages.

On top of that, men love the idea of dating a sexy, more mature, older woman. So it shouldn’t be hard for a woman to snatch one of those youngins’ up.

Now I’m not telling a 35-year-old woman to date an 18-year-old man, but I am saying a five-year difference isn’t a big deal.

Chances are the man and woman will feel connected through school and a life to uphold together. Not only could they learn about each other’s intellectual levels, but they have a productive reason to spend time together.

Women deserve to feel young, loved and interesting to men who are younger than them. So if they find a younger man attractive, they shouldn’t let age stop them. The same goes for men who find exactly what they are looking for in an older woman. After all, age really is just a number.