Toga gear recommended for upcoming dance

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Step into the Greek life on Friday for the toga dance party.

Dixie State College Student association is throwing a toga dance party to kick of the spring semester.

“Whenever the parties are themed, we seem to get a bigger crowd,” said President of Student life Sami Warnick, senior business major from Wanship. “We are really looking forward to seeing people get creative and getting into this type of dance.”

Normal dance party music is to be expected, as well as a normal dance party atmosphere.

“Just think of it as a normal dance, except everyone is just dressed in Greek attire,” Warnick said.

While Warnick, and the rest of the DSCSA, plan the dance, students figure out what to wear.

Dustin Webb, a freshman general education major from Midway, said he is very excited to reveal his costume.

“No one will ever expect to see how great my costume is,” Webb said. “Well it’s actually pretty obvious, it’s just a sheet.”

With some students wrapped up in sheets, others plan to go a different direction.

Mercedes O’Neal, a freshman general education major from West Jordan, said she hopes more people get into their costumes.

“I want to look like a hot goddess while a gladiator sweeps me off my feet,” O’Neal said. “I don’t want Socrates, I want Russell Crowe.”

Webb thinks others should be more concerned about dance moves.

“People should worry about my dance moves more than my costume,” Webb said.

The Toga Dance Party starts Friday Night at 9 in the Gardner Ballroom. Admission is $2 with your student ID, and $5 without.