Intramural sports awaiting new ‘Dynasty Teams’

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With no dominant team this year, the intramural champion spots are wide open.

Students will have their chance to claim a championship in 26 different sports and activities this semester. The sports include basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, billiards, soccer, dodge ball, dunk contest, skills test, softball, sand soccer, “Madden NFL 13″ tournament, FIFA tournament, 2K12 tournament and sand volleyball. 

“There [are] no real dominant teams this year,” said intramural employee Lindy Stephens, a junior math education major from Farr West. “Anyone can win at any time.”

In years past there have been teams put together that had a perfect winning record, creating what the intramural staff calls the “Dynasty Teams.” However, these teams have graduated from school now, which opens the door for any team to take the top spot.

Many students are ready and waiting for the spring intramural season and said they can be part of the new “Dynasty Team.”

“I know my team is going to win in volleyball,” said Calee Drew, a junior English major from Las Vegas. “We will be the next ‘Dynasty Team’ of Dixie State.” 

Drew said her teammates and friends are thinking about practicing before the tournament to give the team an extra edge. 

Indoor volleyball competitions will start Feb. 22, and sand volleyball starts April 19.

Highly anticipated 5-on-5 basketball starts Jan. 18. Teams are already starting to prepare to earn the championship title.

“We have good players,” said Everton Araujo, staff member for international student services on campus. They played basketball in college. We are for sure going to be the next Dynasty Team.”

Another highly anticipated event this semester is dodgeball. Registration is due April 12.

For those who are not interested in participating in a physical sport, video game tournaments are available. “Madden NFL 13” competition starts April 4 and is free for students. This competition is one of the most popular intramural sports during the semester.

There are many sports and games to choose from, and students do not have to be members of teams to play. Intramural staff will help you find an opening in a team.

More information is available at the intramural office located inside the Student Activity Center or by calling 435-879-4263.