Women’s games lack fan support

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She shoots. She scores. Nobody sees, cares or cheers.

According to Dixie State College’s athletic webpage, the Red Storm men’s basketball team ranked third in overall game attendance for the 2011-2012 season among Division II teams.

So why do people not attend women’s athletics?

Some say it is because the games are low-scoring. 

When people go to a sporting event they want to experience an action-packed high scoring game.  

The Dixie State College women’s basketball team scores an average of 72 points per game, according to Dixie State Colleges’ athletic website, while the men’s team averages 79.

 This proves that this is an invalid point, and women can score just as much as the men can.

Another reason may be because they are not as aggressive, which is valid. It’s not that women are less competitive than men, it’s just that men show it more while they are playing.

During a women’s game, you can hardly touch another player without being called for a foul. While in men’s games, players can practically shove their opponent and continue playing.

The more fouls that happen, the longer the game lasts–and not longer in the, “We are in five overtimes” way, but longer in the “Someone is getting fouled every 15 seconds” way. This can be very boring if it continues. Whether women’s sports have stricter rules than men’s sports, I don’t know. I do know they get called more, especially in a soccer game. Take University of New Mexico player Elizabeth Lambert, for example. She made national news when a video of her pulling an opponent’s hair was shown. Lambert was suspended indefinably for her actions. 

The No. 1  reason I personally do not attend women’s athletic events is they are just not as exciting. The number of fouls in a women’s game takes away from the flow and rhythm.

 I have also never seen a woman dunk a basketball. The court lines are even smaller than men’s courts, making for closer shots. The extreme tricks or spectacular plays do not exist.

Women also seem to take fewer shots in games. Whether it is basketball or soccer, the shots taken are significantly lower than the shots taken by men. 

I feel bad for the women on the teams because I know how much time and effort they put into the sport. The problem is that the games are just not exciting enough for viewers. 

Women athletes should try to make things more exciting, and then maybe more people would go to support them.