The Skewed Review: Gay men and pedophilia association must end

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All three rings of the gay rights circus are active right now, and it certainly is the most grating show on earth.

 StGeorgeUtah.com/news published an opinion piece by Kate Dalley on Feb. 9 titled “Perspectives: The Sexual Identity Merit Badge.” In it, Dalley attempts to make a case that openly gay men are the way they are because they talk about having sex. And to my astonishment, she makes the assumption that gay men would feel the need to discuss gay sex with young boys.

A quick review is in order. Dalley is rated five out of five Merriam-Webster dictionaries to hold in each hand for five consecutive days for not knowing the difference between sexual identity and sexual orientation.

And if you don’t know the difference, I’d suggest looking it up quickly before you make a fool out of yourself.

In the article, Dalley states: “As for openly-gay scout leaders professing their attitude of acceptance to young boys, sex should never be a discussion that they have with their scouts. Ever. It is inappropriate, just as I do not want a promiscuous male heterosexual glamorizing or justifying his sexual conquests either.”

This, unfortunately, is proof of how some people really view homosexuality. They think it’s only about sex, and being “openly gay” means telling people about homosexual conquests.

Now, I could rate Dalley with five out five bras burned because, since she’s a woman, she must be a militant feminist, but even I can’t bring myself to make those types of generalizations.

Unfortunately, Dalley argued how openly gay people shouldn’t be around children because, well, it would mean having to explain gay sex for some reason.

Dalley, like so many others, draws this ridiculous conclusion that someone who is openly gay is only that way because he or she proclaims to have sex with people of the same sex. Oddly enough, this is the first thing many people jump to when the term “openly gay” is uttered. It’s not often I hear people in southern Utah equating “openly gay” with being in a relationship, being in love or having a family. No, to many southern Utahns, it’s just about gay sex. 

That’s OK, though. Because Dalley states in her article that you can be anything you want; just keep it private. She tries to justify that argument by making parallels to her own life.

She asks: “Am I ‘openly Mormon,’ or ‘openly heterosexual?’ No.”

Actually, Dalley is both of those things without even realizing it. First and foremost, she just announced them both in her article. That, my loyal readers, is the definition of being openly anything. I’m guessing she goes to church and is seen by hundreds of other congregants. That’s “openly Mormon.” And in her mini-bio at the end of her article, it clearly states she’s married and a mother of five children. That’s “openly heterosexual.”

In an astounding coincidence, she’s open about both of those things but never mentioned sex. Isn’t it weird how things like that work?

I’ve got to hand over a 10 out of 10 dim star rating just for being completely oblivious to what constitutes as “openly” anything. A person doesn’t have to run down the street yelling, “I’m married and have five kids!” to be “openly heterosexual.” All that person has to do is be heterosexual by going on dates, being seen with a member of the opposite sex, having children, getting married and doing anything a heterosexual person would do.

Dalley tells her readers that it’s fine to be gay—just don’t talk about it. You know, because if she were to talk about her husband and kids, that’s just fine. But if I were to talk about my husband, that’s crossing a line.

I’ve had enough of people labeling me and other gay people as pedophiles just because we’re gay. I’m outraged, and you should be, too. Should we assume you’re a serial killer because you’re a white male? Should we assume you’re a drug dealer because you’re black? Should we assume you’re a polygamist because you’re Mormon? No. All those assumptions are ridiculous. So why do people keep assuming gay men only want to talk about and have sex with young boys? 

I’m completely baffled.

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