Request Robby: Diaper days are back again

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I don’t remember what it was like as a baby, but I took a glimpse into what it may have been like.

An anonymous source requested I delve into the life of infantilism. This person lives a secret life as an adult baby and has felt scrutinized from others because of the situation. I am not a psychologist, but I wanted to understand at least a little of what people like this have to feel by putting on their underwear.

I don’t remember how diapers were as child, but I tried it out for half a day and a night. It got sweaty after awhile, but I endured through it.

Getting the diaper on in the first place was frustrating. I had to stand up, push the back end against the wall with my bum, and then figure out how the straps worked. I ripped the straps, so instead I tied little knots from the ripped material. Apparently, I put the thing on backward as well. The cute teddy bears go in front. Walking around made me conscious of the plastic sound my steps made. I also couldn’t do anything about how big my butt looked.

Some infantilists will soil their diapers for various reasons, but I couldn’t do it; wearing the diaper was enough for me. There are thinner diapers so skinny jeans don’t look so weird, but from what I was told, “bigger messes need bigger diapers.”

Babies drink out of bottles, so I tried some chocolate milk out of one. It took me a while to get any milk out of it, which makes me wonder how I even survived childhood. I didn’t enjoy the plastic taste from the bottle, but the work I put into the drinking from the bottle made me focused on acquiring chocolate milk.

It didn’t spark any deep childhood feelings. All of my day’s experiments felt like brand-new experiences to adjust to. However, there are people who have difficulty getting past their youth, or choose not to. I don’t see it as something wrong, just different. These people aren’t hurting anyone. If someone wants to wear a diaper, have at it.

There is an online forum providing information on this topic as well as a support system for infantilists at www.adisc.org.

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