Letter to the Editor: Students aren’t as active as they should be

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Even though I’m an old timer, I am still interested as to what is going on at DSU, so here’s just a couple of comments:

First, on Tuesday evening Oct. 2, I attended the St. George Candidate Mayoral and Council Forum at the Gardner Center. Even though in the heart of the campus, I don’t think there was one Dixie State student in attendance.

Maybe that is to be expected, but surely it’s not a desirable or a hopeful indication of youth participation in the political process.

Second, as I left, I picked up last week’s copy of the Dixie Sun News. And yes, student papers will be student papers, but nonetheless, I couldn’t help but note the insipid nature of two articles (and cartoon): that of “Gay marriage hasn’t changed lives of those who oppose it,” and “Sassy Gay Student.” Surely the writers are capable of better than that.

On the plus side was the article, “DSUSA must make more efforts,” partly referring to more community involvement. Remember, the world doesn’t end at your campus boundaries. For starters, you can get out and vote for your choice of St. George City candidates.

Warren S. Wright

Community Member

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