Letter to the Editor: Why doesn’t St. George like pets?

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Recently the house we were renting was sold, and we are having to move. While searching for a new house and/or apartment, I was astonished at the lack of availability for pet owners. You see, I have pugs. They are sweet, non-aggressive, small dogs. Though the pugs are older and potty trained, I have been continuously turned down.

It seemed recently we DID care. Political uproar over the treatment and care at our local shelter gave me that impression. I guess it was just a ploy to get media attention. I guess negative attention is better than none?

I also believed that many seniors in this community would love the companionship. According to Petsfortheederly.org, research shows that pet ownership reduces the risk of heart disease. On the positive side, I did get lucky with a couple who do NOT live in St. George, but are from South Dakota and own a house that accepted my dogs. Good luck to all of the other pet owners in my position.

Rebecca Luker, 

Senior business major

Whittier, Calif.

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