Opinions have right to be heard

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Having the ability to state my opinions and publicly speak my mind is a right. I will always freely exercise just as I will always respect the opinions of others even if they do not match my own.

Dixie State’s administration has done a fair amount of things to earn itself a spot on the top 10 schools with the worst free speech list from the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education. We were put on this list regarding the ongoing issue of trying to stop us from having a sorority. In their attempts to keep Dixie State from the “party school” reputation, they have managed to add us to a statistic that ultimately gives a terrible first impression.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dixie State. This university has given me many opportunities that I am very grateful for, and that is exactly why I only want the best for this institution and for our student body. 

A school that puts a halt to students trying freely express their opinions and try to make a difference isn’t an attributeI want for Dixie.

The only other opinion piece I’ve ever written was on my views on the school program, Starfish, and I was astonished by how differently the school treated me after reading my article. Teachers denied meeting with me because of my involvement in writing the story. Some went as far to say that I was misinformed and tried to lecture me into a different opinion.

My opinion is my own and just because they didn’t agree with it didn’t mean they had to push theirs upon me. The vice president of student services asked to meet with me regarding the article; luckily, it was all good things and only met with me out of curiosity. Although I was flattered, I got more attention from it than I would have ever expected.

But through all the negative comments and unnecessarily judgment I’ve had to deal with regarding my opinions, it’s never stopped or scared me from sharing them.

As a student body we shouldn’t let the things being said about Dixie State keep us from saying how we feel.

Voice your opinions by email or phone call to the campus or feel free to write a letter to our editor here at the Dixie Sun.

If you have something to say, say it because that is your right.