Our View: Student-created media deserves recognition

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The Gardner Center may be full of student government promotions and activities, but there is a large portion of student involvement that isn’t represented.

Student-created media is a large part of what drives student life at Dixie State University. Communication is a bona fide major, and students studying it dedicate precious amounts of time and passion to produce material suitable for their biggest demographic: students.

Although the Gardner Center and student-sponsored events play catchy tunes for students passing by, grabbing lunch or taking a study break between classes, why don’t they play our student-created radio station, 91.3 The Storm?

After all, arguably the more popular name for the Gardner Center is the student center. 

Tailgates and other events sponsored by Dixie State University Student Association should also support 91.3. The D-crew car is not for administration, faculty or staff. It’s for students. It only makes sense to have student work proudly broadcast and displayed in all instances.

Playing 91.3 in the student center would be a big step toward giving credit where credit is due. Even the station’s motto reflects its intent: “We are Dixie. Run by students, for students.” 

Passively listening to 91.3 is also a legitimate way for students to gain knowledge about campus events and can prompt more involvement.

Even listeners who aren’t directly tied to the radio are encouraged to request songs and call the station to make suggestions.

Students who’ve gotten used to hearing the top-20 hits in the Gardner Center wouldn’t have to sacrifice much if the building switched its music choice. For those students who can’t get enough of Lorde or The Neighbourhood, fear not. If indie-pop isn’t your thing, 91.3 also throws in the occasional classic rock or reggae song.

The possibility of more sponsors being attracted to donating to the student media outlets would climb once businesses knew how far the radio’s audience spans across campus.

Students from other majors and departments should have the opportunity to display their achievements in the student center as well.

We understand that students belonging to other majors dedicate as much or even more time to their work as communication majors do, and they deserve that same recognition.

The staff responsible for playing music in buildings and events on campus need to be more mindful of the large portion of the student body that isn’t getting the representation it rightfully deserves. Those responsible for playing music where students are should make the switch because 91.3 has the right to be heard.