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Current, former DSU employees previously employed at controversial troubled youth facilities

By: Autumn Nuzman, Mitski Avalōx and Hannah Hickman Allegations of abuse at troubled youth facilities have increasingly moved into the spotlight, including facilities where one current and two former Dixie State University employees have worked. Utah is a hub for troubled youth facilities that have had little oversight from government officials until recently. People who […]

EDITORIAL | University should address campus suicides

Suicide is not something most people want to engage with or talk about, and this is why the subject has become taboo. As a public student journalist program, it’s important that we have access to information needed to write about campus suicide deaths just as we do for other campus deaths. With that said, we […]

2021 Student Body Elections: Meet the candidates

By: Sydney Johnson and Kristi Shields The student body election candidates for the 2021-2022 school year have been finalized, and campaigning begins Feb. 28. Five students are running for student body president, three students are running for vice president of clubs and organizations, and one student is running for vice president of academics. Voting for […]

EDITORIAL | Transparency matters for students, community alike

The ongoing theme from the Dixie State University administration and state senators seems to revolve around secrecy. The Dixie Sun News staff implores the university administration and state representatives alike to provide transparency in regard to items that affect our futures. The DSU administration has led the name change discussion with many students and community […]

Dixie State University community protests, counter-protests name change

By Kristi Shields and Yasel Avalos. The first day of Dixie State University’s spring semester kicked off with a protest against the university’s potential name change and featured the Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition. DSU students and members of the community gathered around the campus displaying sentiment to keep the Dixie name while counter-protestors fought […]

Our View: Self-report when you have COVID-19

No one will judge you for contracting COVID-19, but people will judge you for not warning them they may also be infected. You could’ve gotten the virus from or spread it to those you’ve been in class with, including students, professors and guest speakers. When people don’t report that they’ve contracted COVID-19 and help with […]

University’s plan and resources moving forward after shutdown

By Hannah Hickman and Samantha Ortiz As the threat of COVID-19 rises, the university body is experiencing more changes. President Richard “Biff” Williams said the university is taking precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. With the shutdown of the university, he said he and others in Dixie State University’s administration are working on […]

Editorial: This is what free student press looks like

Imagine a world without a free student press. No one would know or care when tenured professors are fired, students wouldn’t know about all the resources available to them and voices across the university would go unheard. We, the student journalists of Dixie Sun News, are dedicated journalists in training who cover all the news […]

Our View: Newspaper, journalism vital to DSU, cutting our fees unnecessary

Dixie State University holds a place on the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s top ten worst colleges for freedom of speech list not without reason.  The fight against these rights has impacted faculty and staff relationships. It has lead to two editorials published within the last year. Now, the DSU Student Fees Allocation Committee plans […]