Feelings get in the way of a man, woman relationship

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There is a time and place for friendship, and a friendship between a man and a woman is not it. 

The people who believe men and women can be just friends with no other attachments are setting their hopes too high. Whether people like it or not, someone catches feelings.

These feelings could range from one thinking the other is hot to, “I think I’m in love with this person.” It’s not necessarily something people want to hear from a friend, but that is what will eventually happen.

I have never had a platonic relationship with a man. Either I find him attractive to begin with, or I slowly grow more attached as the friendship continues. I’ve been in a few situations where a so-called friend thought more of me than I thought of him.

Let’s get real for a minute: Men will hang out with women they have some kind of attraction to.

Women want to think guys have more of a heart and care about what’s behind the looks, but looks are what men will base all first impressions on. If a woman asked one of her guy “friends” if he thought she was cute, hot, pretty, you pick the adjective, he would say, “yes.” It is inevitable.

My guy friends have shared that they will spend the most time with women they feel an attraction to because it is more fun.

If it isn’t looks that caught their eye, the woman’s personality kept them around. But that can still lead to something more.

Women are not fault-free when it comes to choosing friends. They are guilty of choosing people to socialize with based off the qualities people like best (emphasis on like).

Women can get caught in a relationship by over-thinking and over-analyzing the feelings they are too afraid to admit they have about a guy friend. Yet, they continue to act like the relationship is platonic and continue to feel more behind closed doors.

My friends and I have over-thought our feelings about someone numerous times. This made it hard to continue the friendship in fear that it would ruin things.

The longer women spend time with someone, the stronger their bond will grow and the more emotions they will feel.

These emotions will most of the time go too far past friends for one in the friendship. This changes it into a romantic relationship for that person, even if it hasn’t been clarified as one. 

Why do people hold back these feelings they have for “friends?” Wouldn’t they want to find out what those feelings mean? You cannot keep those types of feelings for someone hidden away for the rest of the relationship.

Disguising feelings is not a healthy way to live. Getting those types of thoughts off the chest will alleviate unwanted stress from one’s life. 

Yes, sharing romantic feelings could make things go south, but at least someone gave it a chance. A relationship can never work between a man and a woman when one of them is keeping feelings to themselves. Either person could get sick of holding back feelings or can’t handle not seeing feelings being reciprocated.

Wanting a friendship with the opposite sex is not something to be ashamed of, but thinking it will actually work out is setting someone up for disappointment.