Student elections set to wrap up February

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The Dixie State University Student Association is holding elections for its new members at the end of the month, and voting can be done online or on campus.

Members of the DSUSA agree that voting for student body officers is important. It helps create a more united campus and  gives students a chance to have a say in who will be representing the university.

Students running for Student Body President are Greg Layton, Samuel Jamison and Clint Post. Candidates running for Vice President of Academics are D’Andre Mathews and Alex Lambson. The candidate running for Vice President of Clubs is McKell Price.

Chief Justice and Election Committee Chair Jared Broad, a senior business major from St. George, said DSU will be in good hands no matter which candidates win the election. He has gotten to know all of the candidates and said each student running is more than qualified.

“Each candidate is distinct, and that’s why I cannot advocate for student involvement enough during this election,” Broad said. “Keep informed and be sure to vote. It’s going to be a great election.”

Primary elections begin Feb. 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and final elections will occur Feb. 28. The campus campaign will be held at the Encampment Mall Feb. 17, which is an event intended to persuade voters to vote for specific candidates. Also, candidates will be representing their opinions during the debate Feb. 26.

Carlos Morgan, Student Body President and a senior communication major from Santa Clara, said participating in student government has been satisfying.

“Being student body president has been a great experience,” Morgan said. “It’s driven me to have to work out a balance between school, student government and personal life, which has been difficult but fulfilling.”

Working on both the administrative side and the student side, Morgan said he has learned a lot and has been provided with a unique perspective on higher education.

“I know I’m going to be sad when it’s all over but maybe a little relieved as well,” Morgan said.