Tricks make parties enjoyable for DSU students

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“Hey guys! Look what I can do.”

Party tricks are handy little talents stored away until the unveiling moment is just right. They are the moments when a party needs a pick-me-up or a dash of spice. Or maybe it’s the moment you want to prove you’re not a wet blanket but instead a serious party animal.

The Dixie Sun News interviewed Dixie State University students to find out the best go-to and all-time favorite party tricks. These are DSU students’ top five favorite tricks:


A decent magic trick can stoop and entertain almost anyone, anywhere, at any age. A solid magic trick is an easy way to grab some immediate attention and leave the audience wanting more.

Colten Argyle, a junior nursing major from Monroe, said magic tricks are a safe bet because the trick stuns and excites fellow party-goers. 

“I knew a guy that would hold a card in his hand and just flick his wrist, and the card was gone,” Argyle said. “Then he’d flick it again, and it was back.”

Argyle said the key to providing people with a show-stopping trick is to keep the eye on the prize.

“You got to give people that razzle-dazzle,” Argyle said.


It’s all over YouTube, within the privacy of people’s bedrooms, and parties — it’s the infamous twerking. Whether you love twerking, hate it, or don’t know what it is, one thing is for sure — if you see it at a party, it’s bound to catch your eye.

Jackson Aldridge, a sophomore business major from Salt Lake City, said twerking tricks can amp up the fun at a party.

“The best party trick I’ve ever seen was probably when my friend challenged a couple of girls to twerk on the wall,” Aldridge said. “Everyone else judged. It wasn’t just guys. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen party trick wise.”

Aldridge said humorous, lighthearted, competition-based tricks can enhance the mood of the environment.

Whipped Cream Tricks

Whipped Cream is more than just a dessert topping; it’s a helpful prop that can be paired with a clever trick.

Bryn Nelson, a senior biology major from St. George, doesn’t preform party tricks himself, but he supports those performing them.

“The best party trick I’ve ever seen is probably when people put the whipped cream on their arm, whip it up and catch it in their mouth,” Nelson said.

Nelson said unique party tricks go over well because people enjoy seeing things they haven’t seen before.

Cherry Stem Knots

You know the trick. Someone puts the cherry stem in his or her mouth and somehow maneuvers it into a knot using only the tongue and teeth. Many have attempted, but few seem to have conquered.

Mari Ramos, a sophomore nursing major from St. George, said she would be impressed with someone completing the cherry stem knot trick and thinks the trick can add good energy to the environment. 

“(The trick can add) excitement, comedy (and) conversation,” Nelson said. “All of that will help get the party started.”

Nelson said to make sure the trick isn’t something everyone can do and make it your own.

Wine Bottle Chop

In the movie “What Happens in Vegas,” Cameron Diaz sheds her boring persona when she cuts off the top of a wine bottle with a butcher knife. Slicing off the top of a wine bottle is mind boggling because it has an essence of danger.

Kassidy Waddell, a sophomore English major from Gilbert, Ariz., said she hasn’t seen a memorable party trick personally, but she would remember something more extreme.

“If someone had a bottle of wine and a knife and they chopped off the top and it explodes,” Waddell said. “I would definitely remember that.”

Waddell said originality and eye contact can turn a mediocre trick into a stellar one, and it can make party attendees want to stay longer.