Pinterest Project: Marble nails elegant idea but require patience

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If you want Pinterest-perfect nails but you lack patience, maybe “DIY marble nails” aren’t for you.


Whoever thought of marble nails is brilliant. The idea is to create a marbled, swirled look on your finger nails with the mixture of nail polish. Clink here for an example of some marble nails on Pinterest.


This is a fun project and a cool idea if you have a lot of patience. However, it is harder than you would think to create those perfect swirls. A lot of people are successful with this project, but, in my case, I was not successful. The nail polish kept drying soon after I dropped it into the water, so when I would try to dip my finger in the nail polish that was floating on the water, it was already dry and it wouldn’t stick to my nails.


You should be able to get all the materials for this project at any grocery store or beauty supply store. I recommend that you use high-quality nail polish that is runny so it will drip into the water easily. Choose darker colors to mix with lighter colors for the most bold look. Also, if you use nail polish that is thin and translucent, put a coat of white nail polish on your nails and let them dry before dipping them in the swirled nail polish.


I think my attempt to do marble nails failed because I didn’t have the right materials; it would’ve been a lot easier if I would’ve had better-quality nail polish. Some good brands to use are Essie or Sally Hansen.


Although this project wasn’t successful for me, a lot of my friends have done this project and have been successful. If I would’ve had more time and practice, I could’ve had a better turnout with the marble nails. This is a really cool idea, and others should try it out and see if they are more successful than I was.




-Two or three different colors of nail polish


-A bowl










-Nail polish remover (to clean up the edges)




1. Get a bowl and fill it with about half an inch of water.


2. Apply Vaseline on the cuticles so the polish doesn’t stick to your skin


3. Drop two or three drops of one color of nail polish in the water.


4. Drop more drops of a different color of nail polish directly on top of the other nail polish that is in the water.


5. Take the toothpick and swirl around the nail polish that is in the water.


6. Dip one nail at a time into the nail polish that is floating on top of the water.

7. Use nail polish remover to remove excess nail polish around the nails.