Letter to the editor: Making mountains out of mole hills

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In the Feb. 19 edition of the Dixie Sun, the editorial staff published the combined opinion “Our View” because they thought the free, game day T-shirts used the phrase “Give ‘em the D” was somehow sexually explicate and, therefore, should not be used. I disagree.

The reasoning for my utter contempt and slight anger over the editorial is this: Why is the Dixie Sun running amuck trying to find every provocative phrase and parading it in front of our faces? Why make mountains out of mole hills? Why try to turn every fun and innocent phrase into something hurtful when it is completely obvious that no harm was ever intended?

The fact is if you want to be offended about something, you can find it. It’s happened time and time again at this university. First it was our beloved motto and mascot. Then is was the Dixie Rebels — changed because people read way too much into it and found it racist. Now it’s the letter “D.” When is this policing of thought and creativity going to stop? There is more at stake here than school spirit. It is our beautiful and deep community spirit, tied into a rich and fantastic culture and history being eroded away by petty phrases and made up bigotry. We have a fantastic school history and culture. Why not embrace it rather erase it?


Richard Jordan
Senior business major