Pinterest Project: Spray paint art fast, fun strategy for innovative decor

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University students may not always live in the most humble abodes, but there is an easy and fun way to turn a temporary place of living into a uniquely decorated space.

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to improve a bland student dwelling with a bit of beauty. Having art and decorations up can help give your home, however temporary, a bit of personality. 

While there are plenty of links on Pinterest that tell you how to paint a piece of canvas, I chose to use spray paint and painter’s tape as my main mediums. The supplies are low-cost, and the creative process is quick. You can spend as little as 20 minutes on it or more than an hour, depending on how much time you want to commit. I found the idea is to just have fun and be creative with it.

Granted, having art up in your apartment might not be priority, but it does give a certain feel to a room. It can make the place a little more cozy and personable. Plus, it could be a fun DIY group project for all the roommates as a stress reliever.

There are so many options depending on what you want the outcome to be. If you want crisp, clear lines and a more sophisticated feel, make the lines straight up and down or horizontal with solid colors. Feeling a little more modern? Lay down the tape in diagonal lines that cross over each other. Obviously there are more possibilities; all you need is a little creativity.



– Spray paint (I recommend at least three colors, but you can go crazy with however many you want.)

– Painter’s tape

– Canvas (what ever size you want, or even multiples to make a set of paintings)

– Gloves

– Something to lay down underneath the project so you don’t make a mess

-Plastic paint scraper (optional you can use it to move around wet paint and create different textures.)



1) Use the painter’s tape to create whatever design you choose. Make sure the edges are as secure as possible. (You have the option to put it directly onto the blank canvas, or you can paint the canvas first, let it dry, then make the tape design and paint it over again with different colors.)

2) Put on the gloves. This can get messy.

3) Spray as much or as little paint as you want over the tape. Make splatter patterns or blend colors.

4) Wait for the paint to dry. It doesn’t need to be fully dry, but give it enough time to set before peeling back the tape.

5) Remove the tape and find a spot on the wall to hang your art.