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Girl Talk: Positivity will change world

If I could talk about all the problems with our current society in this last Girl Talk article, I wouldn’t. There are too many issues: gender inequality, misogyny, extremist groups, Tinder – but I don’t want to talk about Tinder. I don’t want to focus on the terrible things happening in this world, but the […]

Dine and Jam: Remembering youth, pizza rolls

Nothing beats the days when you would come home after school and throw some Totino’s Pizza Rolls in the oven. Then you and your friends (or just you – I don’t judge) would devour them all immediately despite the molten lava effect of the insides of the roll on the inside of your esophagus. For […]

Girl Talk: Fashion models can be role models

Ironically enough, one of the biggest stories right now is about fashion models being role models for young girls but not because they’re fashion models – it’s because they know how to code.  There has been a lot of talk in media and on social media lately about women and girls in technology. A lot of it […]

Girl Talk: Media shouldn’t determine self-confidence

Sometimes I lose myself, and my self-confidence, amid the world’s expectations of me. I started my day with the intent of writing about negatives, or rather things about my physical self that I tend to be unhappy with, and then blame the media for it. However, I’ve changed my mind. I’ve come to realize that even with […]

Intramural’s ethics questioned

Whether or not politics in intramural sports at Dixie State University exist, some students still believe they are prevalent. The Dixie Sun News was contacted by a student regarding concerns about supposed favoritism from the intramural sports department. This concern specifically was about the fairness in the process taken in order to choose a team […]

Girl Talk: Emotions don’t need to be suppressed

My name is Keshara, and I am a human being with emotions. My aunt tagged one of my female cousins and me in a Facebook post last week linked to a New York Times article about women and their emotions. It’s no secret: The women in my family are emotional. We know it – I […]

Tattoos beginning to lose negative stigma

I sat in a chair in a laundry room in some guy’s house in southern California and got my first tattoo six years ago. Obviously this is not ideal, nor is it exactly legal as far as health issues are concerned. However, at this time in recent history, most tattoo shops in my city were […]

Girl Talk: Skating helps educate girls in Afghanistan

On a worldwide basis, the power of learning and educating youth is a power indeed – the youth of today will be tomorrow’s rulers. The importance of education is important everywhere, but in a country like Afghanistan, where females were allowed to go to school again within the last few decades when they’d previously been […]

Girl Talk: Women can thrive in contact sports

It has recently come to my attention that some of the general public doesn’t think girls should play aggressive contact sports. I’ve previously written about how I didn’t know I was strong until I was told I could be. On another side of that, I didn’t realize I enjoyed tackling people so much until I […]

‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ sets out to evoke emotion

The Dixie State University theater program has graced the main stage of the Eccles Fine Arts Center with a great American classic that will stir your soul and leave you remembering every second of it. “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams is now in production and running until its closing night on Saturday. Directed […]