Racy content decenstizes viewers

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As Hollywood continues to go downhill, people need to keep their guard up.

It’s sad to see how TV and movie standards have gone down. Sexual content, harsh language and violence in the film industry is becoming more and more acceptable every year.

I recall being a child and watching TV shows such as “The Red Green Show” and “MASH” and movies like “Dumb and Dumber” and “Mr. Deeds” and thinking they were inappropriate. Looking at those shows now, they seem very appropriate compared to TV shows and movies made nowadays.

Hollywood is making it normal for many blockbusters, no matter the rating, to contain a significant amount of racy content, profanity and other inappropriate scenes. I have seen two different shows in the past month that completely show a male’s genitalia: “We’re the Millers” and “Step Brothers.” Unnecessary nudity shows how immature our society is becoming.

Parents are becoming less strict when it comes to what their children view on the TV screen. A lot of people I know consider people who don’t have cable in their homes weird and overprotective. But if the media continues on this path, I know I won’t let my children watch most of the shows that will be on TV.

I was watching TV with my dad and his friend when a Post Shredded Wheat cereal commercial came on. This commercial is a great example of what is now accepted in the media world. The commercial showed an old couple eating Shredded Wheat cereal and watching TV. A commercial comes on their TV that was talking about how a woman’s sex drive increases at the age of 80. The wife looks at her husband with a seductive look and tells him to keep eating the cereal.

I had a hard time trying to figure out how the content in this comercial related to cereal, but, putting that aside, I was shocked at the fact that this was airing during the break of a family-friendly TV show. The content was not only extremely awkward to watch with my dad, but it was also unnecessary. The company could have chosen a much more effective way to represent its product.

I have seen a lot of movies from the ‘90s and earlier, and it is easy to see a difference in the content of a movie from the ‘90s and movies that are made nowadays. In the ‘90s, showing a man’s genitalia on film would have been completely mind-blowing. It shouldn’t be acceptable now either.