DSUSA seeks to fill committee positions

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The new executive student council has been chosen, but so far the specifics of the plans it has for the next year are not so specific.

The Dixie State University Student Association is in the early planning stages. Although details are unknown at this time, it is evident that Gregory J. Layton, a senior English major from Cottonwood Heights and future student body president, wants to build interest and attendance numbers for all events.

The Wednes “D” activities bring in about 100 students, Layton said. He and the vice presidents want those events to be bigger and increase the number of students who get involved.

Kayla Coolbear, a junior art major from Livermore, Calif., and vice president of public relations, is in charge of how to advertise events and build student interest. In order to do that, the rest of the student council staff positions needs to be filled to begin developing ideas.

“My plan is to make sure that the managers that we have next year are people who are able to excite students for [events],” Coolbear said.

There are about 100 interviews to do before staff positions are filled, Layton said.

“Right now, we’re just finishing up interviews to fill up the rest of our positions [and] getting our councils together so that we can start making goals for next year and get things going,” said McKell Price, a sophomore communication major from Brigham City and vice president of clubs. “[We want] hard working, dedicated people who love Dixie and who are excited to get clubs involved in Dixie’s traditions.” 

Megan Church, a senior biology major from St. George and vice president of service, is focusing more on her respective area of community service and how to get students more involved in service plans. 

“We’re just getting started, but it’s going to be such a good year,” Church said. “Our goal is to build a community service empire and start getting service to be a much bigger thing. We want to build a program where [students] can come and get the experience they need and serve our community and our school.”

While each vice president in student government works on expanding his or her particular sections and councils, the overall goal is to promote a feel of university living. Attendance continues to grow at DSU and Layton wants the student experience to have more of a “university feel.”

“We want to brand Dixie and the experience at Dixie so when people think of Dixie State University, they think the Dixie life,” Layton said. “We can really brand ourselves and work on strengthening the benefits that we have here.”