Students name their favorite St. George activites

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As St. George turns more and more into a college town, students are drawn in by the fun, summer activities unique to the St. George area.

Things like outdoor social activities, going to cafes for good food and music, and soaking up the desert sun are just a few ways students can get the best out of their college experience at DSU.


Jazzy’s Open Mic Night

A normal week for a college student can be long and grueling, but some students say there is a great way to take a break from the week where they can sit back and enjoy local music for little to no cost.

Jazzy’s Rock N Roll Grill, located on 285 N. Bluff St., hosts an open mic night every Wednesday at 9 p.m. Admission is free, and the stage is open to any musician or singer who has a song to share.

Rachel Nielsen, a senior psychology major from Las Vegas, said she goes to open mic night 2-3 times a month with her friends to check out the local talent.

“The best things about Jazzy’s is the atmosphere,” Nielsen said. “I love the live music and the decorations on the wall. It’s just a really chill place to be.”

Jazzy’s is a wonderful place to unwind with a good drink and good music, Nielsen said.


Another common activity for St. George college students is suntanning. Those coming from colder areas can soak in the sun as early as March. It’s also a great social activity for students’ days off of class and work.

“I like to tan by the pool because it’s relaxing and I can do it with my roommates,” said Alexis Finch, a freshman psychology major from Nephi.

Finch said a popular tanning spot is the pool at Red Rock Ridge apartments, located on 344 S. 1990 East. The gate stays unlocked during daytime hours so people other than the residents can go to enjoy the cool of the pool.


Music and coffee may not interest everyone, but for the more adventurous students, there’s always biking. St. George has a diverse range of biking terrain that attracts bikers to the area like Ben Jones, a sophomore finance major from Newport, Calif.

“I love the adrenaline you get going down 10-foot drops, jumping 20 feet in the air and going really fast down hills,” Jones said.

The St. George City website, www.sgcity.org, offers a list of bike trails inside and outside the city. There is also a click-through map showing the route and details of each trail. Bearclaw Poppy Mountain Trail and Brian Head are the best places to bike, Jones said.

“[Biking] gets students in shape, relieves their stress and gets them to enjoy the beauty of nature in Southern Utah,” Jones said.


For the more sporty students in town, there’s volleyball. The sand courts by the Udvar-Hazy School of Business building are popular spots where students gather to play and have fun.

Siarra Schramm, a junior elementary education major from Montgomery, Ala., said she doesn’t get to play volleyball often, but when she does, it’s always a good time with friends.

At any given time of the year, be it for social gatherings or just a place to get a workout in, students can be found out on the sand courts, she said.

“The sand can be pretty hot in the day,” Schramm said. “So sometimes we’ll wait for the sun to go down to get out there. We bring music and volleyballs and we can go for hours.”