Fit n’ Pretty: Eyelash extensions worth proper investment

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“Yeah, I was totally born with these long, dark, luscious eyelashes,” said no one ever.

I was born with little, blond, wimpy lashes that only my Scandinavian grandmother could love. I’ve spent years applying coat after coat of blackest-black mascara. I’ve tried in vain to apply false eyelashes only to end up with an injured cornea and looking like Nicki Minaj after a rough night.

Let’s just say I could use some help in the lash department.

Luckily, the heavens have opened and offered me and all lash-lacking women a solution: eyelash extensions. They are long, luscious, and your dad will think they are the real deal.

Eyelash extension are made of synthetic mink and silk and are applied to each and every one of your natural eyelashes. You heard me right — each and every one. Since the task is so tedious and, let’s be honest, dangerously close to a vital organ, finding a capable professional to apply the eyelash extensions is priority No. 1.

I went to Wink, located at 230 N. 1680 East in St. George, because I heard ravereview after rave review from happy women with lashes that could make men fall to their knees. All of the eyelash extension artists at Wink are aestheticians or master aestheticians and are qualified to handle the delicate task of applying lash extensions. You can read more about Wink’s aestheticians and services at Wink’s websitewww.winklashesandwaxing.com 

I went into my appointment, lay down on the table, and nearly fell asleep as the extension artist glued black, curved, faux lashes to each of my own lashes. Beforehand, I thought  the process would be irritating or painful, but I could hardly feel anything as the artist gracefully worked.

The entire process took nearly two hours. But once I got up off of the table and looked in the mirror, I felt like I could rule a country. The eyelashes looked striking, long, natural, but glamorous. Definitely worth two hours and $95.

That brings me to my next point: Eyelash extensions are an investment. The first set of eyelash extensions are $95. Fills, which are generally needed every three to five weeks, are $40. Now don’t  go running off to a cheapo eyelash extension salon. Generally, you get what you pay for, so research the salon and the individuals who will be applying your lashes beforehand.

Since getting my eyelashes, I’ve received remarks like, “Are those your real lashes?” and “Oh my gosh, your eyes are so pretty.” Even my dad thought the extensions were my real eyelashes and that I somehow sported Kim Kardashian eyes overnight. Bless his heart.

When you have eyelash extensions, you don’t need to and shouldn’t wear mascara since it can lessen the life of the extensions. It’s also important to be delicate with your lashes and not use oil-based skin care products. The extensions are a tad high maintenance but worth it for the everyday ego boost.

I’m sold on the eyelash extension movement. So sold, in fact, that I made my next appointment the first day I got the lashes.

So go on divas, make your appointments too.