Head 2 Head: Foam Dance ‘catalyst’ for year

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Dixie State University has traditions that have been around for 50 years, but the best tradition at DSU is one that has recently been introduced.

Music blasts, light blinds and foam covers every surface on the dance floor.

The Foam Dance is the best tradition at Dixie because it sets the bar for the activities throughout the entire year. As the first dance of the year, the hype for the Foam Dance is bigger than any other dance.

The hype is easily lived up to because everyone is coming back from summers filled with fun, and no one is ready to settle down for classes and homework just yet. Students, especially freshmen, are ready to jump into the college life, and the Foam Dance provides the perfect setting. 

The Foam Dance has been a tradition for five years and is now one of the highest-attended dances of the year. It started in August 2009 when advisers for student life were looking for a more exciting dance for the Week of Welcome. The advisers found a company called Foamalicious, and the rest is history. Many students have expressed their desire to go to the Foam Dance on social media sites such as Instagram.

Nicole_karbach said, “@cheeto45 this is what I was talking about! WE’RE GOING.” 

Enjoi_my_pics said, “Woot woot so going this year :D.”

The tradition has spread since hitting social media, and I expect this year to be bigger than last year.

I had three freshman roommates last year, and they persuaded me to join them at the dance, and I could see the appeal it held for them. They had a fun night of dancing and socializing, without the stress of a more traditional meeting with someone.

I know classes are probably the best, and most likely, way to meet new people, but by meeting someone at a dance, you can see a different side of him or her you would never see in a classroom.

For a junior, the thought of attending “just another dance” was not an exciting prospect. I ended up surprising myself with how much I liked the dance. I was also impressed by the sheer amount of foam that was produced. At one point, I was completely immersed in foam from head to toe.

The Foam Dance is the catalyst for an amazing school year. Other Dixie traditions like the Great Race and Homecoming are always something to look forward to, but the waiting takes a long time. The Great Race is held at the end of every year, and it serves its purpose of closing out the year, but the best tradition at Dixie is the wet and wild night of the Foam Dance.