Our View: Expectations for president

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With school underway, the expectations for Dixie’s new president are starting to circulate amongst students and staff.

“I will do all I can to make sure that DSU remains a university where students can receive a high-quality, affordable education and also continues to be an asset to both St. George region and Utah as a whole,” Williams said during a press conference in July.

Williams has expectations for himself, but Dixie Sun News also has expectations it wants to see.

The first expectation is the integration of the school into the community. Dixie State University and the St. George community should not be two entirely separate entities, but rather they should work together and be involved together on numerous occasions throughout the year.

The presidential run is an event that DSU currently hosts that includes both the school and the community. It is important that we keep events like this going, as well as add more events.  

DSU should hold more weekly events, like the Dixie Forum, that extend an invitation to the community. These events could be something like a farmers market or movie on the grass. Bigger events such as the mother-daughter conference should happen more often, and the community should be clearly informed that it is welcome, even encouraged, to attend these events.

It is crucial that Williams change the perception that onlookers have of Dixie. While we have transitioned from a college to a university according to our name, it is important that the transition happens not only in the name, but also in the programs offered at Dixie.

Master’s programs need to be offered for Dixie to truly become a university. While the status of Dixie has changed, the stature has not. It is up to Williams to make sure that Dixie earns the reputation of university through its accomplishments and achievements. Williams should make the transition from college to university a top priority.

As Stephen D. Nadauld, former Dixie State president, retires, hopefully Williams will continue Nadauld’s efforts in creating a newer, more modern campus. As Williams continues this transition, we expect to see renovations to old buildings as well as the construction of new buildings.

Student housing as well as dorms are a big concern. Students should have more options for clean, safe and comfortable places to live – not all of the current housing options fully meet that criteria. While there are some nice living complexes in St. George, with the continual growth of DSU, they are not enough.

These expectations – more community involvement, master’s programs and a more modernized campus – must be fulfilled by Williams as he leads Dixie State in its continual growth and development.