Support DSUSA’s new service department

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Coming up with an excuse for not taking part in local community service projects just got much more difficult.

The Dixie State University Student Association launched its service department this semester. Compounded with weekly leisure-based activities DSUSA provides, the new department will help students develop well-rounded experiences in college if they take part in its events. 

The DSUSA’s motivation to provide students with service opportunities this year has increased drastically, said Megan Church, DSUSA vice president of service and a senior integrated studies major from St. George, in the Dixie Sun News article from Aug. 27 “DSUSA plans community prominence for future events.”

Church also said in the article that as vice president of service, she has discussed the department’s future projects with service organizations throughout the community. And Week of Welcome, a festivity known mostly for its colorful carnival and sudsy Foam Dance, included the year’s first project where volunteers assisted staff at SwitchPoint Community Resource Center to set up living spaces for the less fortunate.

So in other words, student government is going all in to make Dixie’s name synonymous with service, and you should too. 

The DSUSA holds fundraisers and food drives each semester, so its expanded efforts aren’t student leaders’ first attempts to encourage do-gooders; the Cardboard Campout stands out as a major DSUSA-held event yearly.

With a department dedicated entirely to charity, though, and leaders like Church putting a bulk of their efforts into service, it makes a statement about DSUSA’s priorities — one I encourage students to both take note of and support.

And what better way to do so than attend future projects? 

Keep track of student government’s upcoming service events like you would its dances and weekly Wednes-D activities. In addition, use social media to let fellow students know about your involvement; snap a photo, post it on Instragram and Twitter with the hashtag #VoiceofDixie, and DSN will share it in an attempt to foster greater awareness for giving back on campus.

In addition, participation in service projects helps fulfill two goals: meeting other students and learning about the Dixie community in general. If working to benefit the community doesn’t completely gravitate you toward the department’s activities, taking part in something much larger than yourself should. 

As student leaders make the commitment, the department’s future growth and successes now rely on participation. Without your involvement, keeping the DSUSA’s service efforts a priority is unlikely. So set service goals this semester and attend these events: The long list of aspects benefited by doing so includes your resume, conscience, and all-around college experience in general.